The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)

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    • Only two years later, the Bank of America in North Hollywood was robbed by two heavily armed and armoured bandits, whose attempted escape was intercepted by the LAPD, and the ensuing shootout shocked the world, especially as it was screened live and from multiple different angles by numerous TV crews and news stations. This entry is the exception to that rule, but the North Hollywood Shootout was so memorable an event that it still figures highly in all lists of the most astonishing violent crimes.

      The perpetrators were Larry Phillips, Jr right. Their weapons included HK battle-rifles, automatic assault rifles and carbines. But such conspicuous attire was to backfire on the duo badly, when they were spotted by local patrolmen, who immediately summoned reinforcements. Immediately on leaving, they were challenged by cops now surrounding the bank, but responded with a storm of gunfire.

      To the disbelief of the everyday citizens passing by, a full-scale gun battle erupted, the robbers advancing steadily, hit repeatedly but driving the cops backwards, leaving them wounded all over the roads and pavements, and blowing their patrol cars to pieces. However, despite appearances, the robbers were not immune.

      Though they fought their way into a nearby parking lot, where they were able to retrieve more weapons and ammunition from their getaway car, they had both by now been severely injured. In the incredulous gaze of the news teams hovering overhead, Philips, shot several times, attempted to escape on foot, making it onto Archwood Street, blazing in all directions before finally taking his own life.

      Unable to operate a stick-shift, he continued to put up stiff resistance, holding the encroaching SWAT men off for almost another five minutes, before, too badly wounded to shoot anymore, he surrendered — only to die from blood-loss in the ambulance. Some 2, rounds of ammunition were fired by the robbers, and 12 police officers and eight civilians were seriously injured. The Medal of Valour was later awarded to 19 of the cops involved, but questions were asked about what on Earth kind of society might find itself in need of police officers who are armed and armoured like combat troops.

      An ongoing series of reviews of dark fiction crime, thriller and horror novels — both old and new — that I have recently read and enjoyed. Such a prize should have made their names as New York detectives forever.

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      These are the highs and lows of life in Da Force. We roll forward now to the following Christmas, and find the Manhattan North Special Taskforce freewheeling as always along the high-risk path of keeping the mean streets of Harlem clean and at the same time enriching themselves at the expense of the underworld, always cleverly — admirably so, in fact — but often violently too.

      Malone is the heart and unofficial leader of this small, but very efficient crew. Little wonder he sees himself as the King of Manhattan North, a kind of backstreet lawgiver, underappreciated for sure, but nevertheless handing down a real brand of justice as opposed to the vanilla stuff you get from the courts. He is an antihero, yes; he is brutal, yes; he is a casual user of profane and racist language, yes. But he is also brave, smart, tough and possesses bags of flawless instinct and low-key political acumen. He is also unswervingly loyal to his brother cops, and though it may seem like a huge contradiction, he genuinely believes that he is doing the right thing.

      To Malone, small-scale police corruption is standard behaviour. The judiciary and the political administration of the city are up to their necks in dodgy dealing as well. Suddenly, Malone finds himself in big trouble. But even more Machievellian intrigues further up the food-chain contrive to confound this. Meanwhile, the everyday problems of cop life are also becoming an issue. There is huge racial tension in the city after a white officer shot a black kid. At the same time, routine turf wars are in the offing between gangs who formerly were at peace. There is no doubt that Don Winslow is the modern master of the broad-canvas crime story.

      And yet, his material is never less than completely shocking. While he apparently worked for months with the NYPD to gain the special insights needed to create this enormous and enormously powerful saga of right and wrong and the multiple grey areas in between, it ultimately casts the New York police in a very bad light. Okay, we may have been here before. But really none of that matters, because The Force goes much further along the line than any of those other great pieces of work, with a unique and muscular identity all of its own. The rooting for the bag guys thing is always something of a challenge.

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      But not here. Not because they are softened by being tough guys with hearts of gold. And that has a similar effect on us, albeit briefly. To deal with violence, you must show … well, violence. Hardly an ideal scenario, of course. Few of us would actually approve of it. But in The Force you at least see how it happened. Step by step. After his emotionally-wrenching The Cartel , in which we watched a beautiful society be systematically torn apart by criminals who were more like wild dogs, The Force is a huge change of pace and direction for Don Winslow. Read The Force.

      If Don decides that my ideas are better than whoever gets the casting director gig, he knows where to send the cheque. Here we go:. Denny Malone — Chris Hemsworth. Phil Russo — John Bernthal. Sheila Malone — Jessica Chastain. Claudette — Gabrielle Union. Stan Weintraub — John C. Gerard Berger — William Fichtner. Dave Levin — Justin Long. Rafael Torres — Javier Bardem. Captain Sykes — Don Cheadle. DeVon Carter — Lance Reddick. Janice Tenelli — Michelle Rodriguez. Bill McGivern — Jon Voight.

      Carlos Castillo — Steven Bauer. Bryce Anderson — James Cromwell.

      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)
      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)
      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)
      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)
      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)
      The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1) The Shadowed Path (The Archwood Chronicles Book 1)

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