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That was the conviction—that the heritage of Dead White Males would lose its authority and the professors would gain it.

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The genius of Shakespeare would wane and the braininess of Judith Butler would soar. The transfer empowered them, and apparently they expected everyone but the retrograde elders to agree.

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In a word, the defenders rely on what the humanities do, not what they are. If you take humanities courses, they assure, you will become a good person, a critical thinker, a skilled worker, a cosmopolitan citizen.

Heal Thyself

No doubt, all of the defenders love particular novels and films, symphonies and paintings, but those objects play no role in their best defense. Ironically, the approach resembles the very utilitarianism the defenders despise, the conversion of liberal education into a set of instruments for producing selected mentalities and capabilities. All of this need not lead to pessimism about the future of humanistic studies.

Jay Tolson. Home Heal thyself: The power of mind over matter.


A free drug can help treat many disorders with no side effects: our minds. Jo Marchant reveals six ways to exploit its power. Heal thyself: Think positive Go on, try to convince yourself, because realism can be bad for your health Read more.

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Heal thyself: Trust people Being lonely increases the risk of everything from heart attacks to dementia, whereas a good social life means better sleep and slower ageing Read more. Heal thyself: Meditate Meditation may boost the immune response, protect against a relapse in major depression, soothe skin conditions and even slow the progression of HIV Read more. Heal thyself: Self-hypnosis Hypnosis may help pain management, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, obesity and asthma, not to mention some nasty skin conditions Read more.

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Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself
Heal Thyself Heal Thyself

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