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So listen well and understand what you'll be bleeding for. Before there was a president, we were here. Before the Constitution was scratched onto paper, we walked the streets. In the year seventeen eighty-three, George Washington founded our organization in secret. We were and are a group of citizens assembled to live and die in the service of the people, to defend a liberty more basic than free speech, more fundamental than the freedoms of press or assembly or suffrage.

We protect the last human right: the right of rebellion. There are raucous shouts of assent. Energy courses through the crowd, making the air around us almost seem to vibrate. Any student of history knows it is enough to wash us all away. But do not forget what the word freedom means: we face an enemy today who uses the very word against us.

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Freedom, to the Company, is the freedom to bleed the poor, to assault our minds with their greedy, warping propaganda, to hold liens against our every possession and our every minute of waking life, to watch us, track us, judge us, and execute us, without our having any recourse at all. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I ringing any bells?

There was a time when these atrocities could have been prevented. Once, and many times in history, the people of the world stood together in opposition to those who would make slaves of them, who would drink their blood and sweat like wine. I see it stirring again, in all of your eyes.

There are nods and whistles among the crowd. All around, the excitement builds. The atmosphere is electric. We are the fourth branch of American government, the last one that remains. Today brothers, today sisters, the second American Revolution begins. I hurry along the electric sidewalk, feeling its polished, stainless steel surface gliding along swiftly and fluidly beneath my fast-moving feet. On the opposite sidewalk, tie-men rush to work at the headquarters' South Tower complex.

I can see it rising before me from among the other great buildings that pass by on either side. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 6 days.

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Overview Unprofitables are banished to work camps to pay off their credit. About the Author J. Its glistening steps are speckled with blood. In its mirrored doors I see myself: a skinny, pale young woman, standing alone. All this, after all, has been for them. But this is not the beginning. Four hours until the Battle of Detroit. The group unfurled a banner urging the government to "stop funding climate death" and said they had fired 1, litres of the "blood" at the central London building - although most appeared to have ended up on the street and pavement.

While standing on top of the fire engine, protesters struggled to control the hose as it whipped around on its own accord. Police later turned up to protect the building and four people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage. Campaigners said the fire engine they used is out of commission and the fake blood made with food dye that can be washed off. Extinction Rebellion said it wanted to highlight the "inconsistency between the UK Government's insistence that the UK is a world leader in tackling climate breakdown, while pouring vast sums of money into fossil exploration and carbon-intensive projects".

Retired grandfather of four Phil Kingston, 83, was of those taking part in the spray-down protest. The others included a retired GP, an ex-Buddhist teacher, a musician, and an electrician from south London. Learn the lessons of those old coal miners, which is a small parallel to the Company but the same practice nevertheless and read Orwell's Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.

Sometimes I forget just how much bleaker the adult ones are. Whereas in YA dystopias, the youth with newly opened eyes joins a movement and you know they have pretty good chances of defeating the evil government, in an adult dystopia, odds are a lot higher that the bad guy will win. Blood Zero Sky is one hundred percent dystopian, not watered down or limited to a small population.

The opening scene hooks the reader right off. The heroine runs, bullets flying around her and through her. The men and women nearby pull away, trying to avoid her and make it to work on time. That's all you get and then it's back in time, the novel progressing forward to that opening scene.

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This narrative technique is tricky, as the audience now has a pretty good idea of the ending. In this case, I think this opening sets the reader up for what to expect: lots of pain and fighting and powerful bad guys. Our heroine has a pretty perfect life. N Corp runs all of the western hemisphere. People either work for N Corp or they struggle to survive as Unprofitables. Essentially, most of the world's population works in indentured servitude to the Company, living in Company apartments and buying on credit, with very little chance of their salary every matching their spending.

Those few that do manage to pay off all their debt are known as blackies. May Fields will be a blackie in a matter of years. She runs the Marketing division, coming up with ways to convince the population that they simply must have the new version of this or that technology, which, honestly, doesn't differ much from the previous version. Like everyone else, she spends almost all of her time working. She has one friend, Randal, a genius, so brilliant that he was put into a special team, whose intelligence is enhanced by pills that have the side-effect of weight gain, stuttering, and sterility.

May has a secret, however, that proves her undoing. She is a lesbian, still dreaming of her childhood love, Kali. She also likes to dress in men's clothing, another taboo. The Company, you see, is smart, and pushes Christianity on the population, choosing to stress the stories that advocate hard work. They're big on morality, on behaving a particular way. Jimmy Shaw, the Company's face for religion, creeps me out so much.

He's only in a couple of scenes but they are shudder city. N Corp basically terrifies the shiz out of me, because it's just so incredibly soulless and in control of everything. They implant crosses in everyone's face, sold for convenience's sake as they allow the user to control technology with their brains. However, these can also be used for tracking. N Corp sells one person cars to ensure that every single person has to buy their own.

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Employees that are late to work are fined. People are charged money simply for entering a store, whether or not they make a purchase. Gates paints a gruesome picture of capitalism run rampant. Gates' dystopian world building is marvelous, and I applaud him for that. I relished the return to a classic dystopian framework. As I feel like I'm always saying though,, I did not feel a huge connection to the characters. Only for three of them do we really get any kind of back story, one of them being May. Without a back story, the others are a bit one dimensional, either part of the Company or the resistance.

May herself is icy cold and pretty much emotionless for most of the book. Towards the end she defrosts a bit, but she's the kind of heroine that sort of pushes the reader away. My favorites actually ended up being McCann and his son, Michel. I recommend this book highly to readers that enjoy the works of Max Barry, as I felt a lot of the themes really spoke to my memories of his book Machine Man.

When you get frustrated at a lack of world building in other dystopias, you can come revel in Blood Zero Sky. Jul 17, Erin Forson rated it really liked it. Thanks to Netgalley for the text in exchange for an honest review! May Fields never doubts that The Company is good. Proudly, she is part of the mechanics of The Company that makes such prosperity happen. But why then, does May long for something more? The narrator of the novel and protagonist, May, is very difficult to identify with. Yet, her vapid nature and her vacillating values are reflective of the culture that she lives in—she is less heroine and more caricature, and her homosexuality opens the door to addressing sexuality in the eyes of the Christian church; so, in a clumsy way, her character works, so long as the reader remains open to the idea that the plot of the novel is more theme-driven than character-driven.

Whereas individual problems with society have been addressed by numerous authors before, such as implanted net-links and consumerism M. Anderson, Feed , the decline of literacy Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit , discrimination Shine by Lauren Myracle for one , and Big Brother government , George Orwell , no other novel has combined all of these issues with the corruptive nature of a prosperity-based theology and tossed in gay rights to boot; perhaps such all-encompassing commentary is a bit overwhelming.

However, there is much to be admired in this work. Without a doubt, Gates nails the dystopian genre, and uses current trends to predict the direction the globe might be heading. Thus, is it really much of a stretch to see a world where The Company displaces government? Sure there are questionable plot points in the work. Why does May kill Company employees with little reaction and then vomit at the sight of other bodies? Jun 23, Christina Ensconced in Lit rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley.

I received Blood Zero Sky by J. Blood Zero Sky tells the story of May, who is brought up in luxury in a futuristic world where ads and drugs have taken over the population. She works at the Corporation, one of two companies that are taking over the world, and her father is at the helm. Quickly, she finds out that the Corporation is more sinister than she ever was brought up to believe.

I was torn about this book. The author has a good imagination, and he painted a world that I could visualize in my head. I thought Ethan, the head of the Protectorate, was a great character. Gates excels at action scenes. That said, I had some major issues with this book. Just as a caveat, part of my discomfort was that this was an ARC kindle copy and the formatting still needs a lot of work. First, the main protagonist really has a male voice.

We find out that she is a lesbian early on in the book, and perhaps this is the way that the author dealt with her masculine voice, but it was difficult for me to remember she was female.

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Second, I feel like I've seen this book before in different pieces. I know that he started writing this way before, but unfortunately, we've been inundated with dystopian books since then, and he works at a bit of a disadvantage.

Third, I felt like I was being preached to for most of the book about the evils of corporation. It was a little too simplistic of an argument to be repeated albeit to a disbelieving character multiple times. I ended up skimming the rest of the speeches. Blood Zero Sky had promise and moments of drama, but ultimately, I had issues with the unconvincing voice of the protagonist and preachy tone. Jun 19, Mickey rated it really liked it. What the dickens just happened to me? I think I may have just gotten slapped with a halibut, or maybe I just read something completely original.

Gabriel Gates has a believable, if unfortunate outlook on the future. Governments have been privatized and cash is pretty much debunk. Instead, everyone is given a line of credit, which they work to pay off. But hard work gives you more credit, opening up opportunity to get new shiny toys and go further in debt. Pretty much, every w What the dickens just happened to me? Pretty much, every working person is in debt for their entire life. The point of the system is that you won't pay it off; you'll be indebted to the company forever. Side note- Nabisco as a world superpower just cracks me up.

May is one of the few people that should be able to reach Blackie status and escape debt, but she's the company president's daughter, which could have something to do with it. So if you aren't going to be a Blackie Because if your debt outweighs your usefulness, you can be shipped off to a work camp. Believe me, you DON'T want to go to a work camp. So this is the backdrop for our story. Now May starts out being a little happy peon of the system, but I'm sure you can imagine that she doesn't necessarily end up there.

I didn't always buy into May's motivations, but I really enjoyed learning about the world Gates created. I almost wish the latter half had included more fleshing out of the system and how others live in it than the completely removed world of the revolutionaries. I give it 4 out of 5 cross implants and hope that our televangelists have a little more moral fiber than this story's religious mogul.

Oct 29, Sarah Coleman rated it it was amazing. The movie Contagion was unsettling because of how realistic it felt — I found myself wanting to bathe in Purell in the first five minutes. That is precisely the best and most terrifying element of this book — nothing about it seems impossible. As it is, I had half a mind to drag my building neighbors to the polls this morning. In this setting, the world has done away with government and is controlled by two companies, the result of years of corporate mergers. The population no longer uses cash, but relies on credit. Work hard enough, long enough, and you may be fortunate enough to get out of debt.

Can anyone break the cycle of lust and consumption long enough to see the truth? While it challenges your complacency, the story is entertaining. Sep 23, Stephanie Ward rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , for-review , blog-tour. Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. The chapters were short, which keeps the reader actively engaged in the story.

The narrative is very well-written and the characters are complex and deep; it was really easy to get sucked into the creepy futuristic world that Gates created. The novel is very fast-paced; so even though it was a bit long, it didn't take very long to r 4.

The novel is very fast-paced; so even though it was a bit long, it didn't take very long to read. I couldn't put it down. The plot had so many twists and interesting ideas that it truly keeps the reader on their toes and trying to figure out what is going on - right up to the very last chapter. The back story, history, and descriptions of the world the novel is set in was vivid and completely intriguing. The level of detail is captivating and I was totally immersed in the entire scope of the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes science fiction novels, especially dystopians, and futuristic thrillers.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Dec 30, Mischelle rated it it was amazing. Amazing book! The scary part tho is this is starting to happen now. Greedy companies are trying to take society over with promoting worthless products on a continuous people and we as humans are being bombarded by advertising propaganda, so we play into it and are always purchasing something!

Most people are in debt up to they're eye balls having to have "stuff" and giving up alot in return mostly working like dogs. I get this feeling of being a piece of cattle often always going with the herd a Amazing book! I get this feeling of being a piece of cattle often always going with the herd afraid to step out because then you are considered "odd" and such.

Blood Zero Sky shows what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and realize that "stuff", "credit", "I have to have this now" attitude amplified and how society is heading now. I think this should be on alot of reading groups especially in the schools but I imagine that it will never happen due to corruption and people afraid to see how this is actually happening now. Jan 21, Julie rated it it was amazing. Blood Zero Sky describes a scarily plausible future where two corporations run the world, coopting the functions of government, economy, religion, and every other cultural construct.

One of these is her dissatisfaction with her life, as she must hide her differences from the rest of society. May is a wonderful, complex character and Gates does a wonderful job of dra Blood Zero Sky describes a scarily plausible future where two corporations run the world, coopting the functions of government, economy, religion, and every other cultural construct. May is a wonderful, complex character and Gates does a wonderful job of dramatic tension as he develops her from doubt and dissatisfaction, to rebellion and renouncement, but still troubled by uncertainties.

The climax of the book is especially well done, riveting and emotional. It is a difficult ending to read, but not without hope. An immensely fine read. Jul 29, Jackie Miller rated it it was amazing. Review coming soon. Dec 03, Sam Astraeus rated it really liked it Shelves: reading-challenge This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sure, it's your run-of-the-mill, capitalistic-dystopian society, but honestly I thought it was fairly refreshing for being that. I definitely saw those few twists regarding R and Claire coming, but it was still an enjoyable read regardless.

That's probably my only complaint! Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed the intense world-building and I loved how the characters, especially May, felt flawed and real. I know one reviewer complained of May's wishy-washy attitude, but I just thought it made it more real, considering May's entire life had been dictated and brainwashed by the Company. The pacing was good - especially the last half or third, where it picks up - and I thought Gates' writing style fit. Read it! Nov 26, John Bascom rated it it was ok Shelves: my-books , myreviews. In all fairness, the book was so lame I did not finish it.

First the good news: the author has a way with words that is unusual, refreshing and interesting. A good wordsmith.

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Now the bad news. The dialogue was largely absent or amateurish and unconvincing. People simply do not talk like that. The characters were interesting enough, though unbelievable. The plot was preposterous, seemingly intent on advancing a leftist, occupy-Wall Street anti-establishment type ideology with little regard for res In all fairness, the book was so lame I did not finish it. The plot was preposterous, seemingly intent on advancing a leftist, occupy-Wall Street anti-establishment type ideology with little regard for research or getting reader buy-in.

We all have to suspend disbelief a bit with fiction, but this book was just silly. For instance, the central character is escaping from a bombed building and just happens upon a helicopter on the roof with the keys in it. And she just happens to be a helicopter pilot, without any basis or rationale having been established. Then she flies the 'copter, only to find that the richest and most powerful corporation in the world has left it with empty fuel tanks to save money.

Low on fuel, she bails from the helicopter and careens violently into a river, even though anyone knows a running helicopter is perfectly able to be put into a motionless hover inches above water ever see Coast Guard rescue footage on TV? Then there was the corporate board meeting held on a stage in a filled auditorium it doesn't work like that , then Overall, the author has a way with words but is no novelist.

His ultra-liberal ideology clashes with his ability to craft a compelling story. I'd say "back to the protests" and leave the story-telling to others who know how. Two stars out of pity. Jan 26, N K rated it liked it. While not on the level of Orwell's "," Huxley's "Brave New World," or Bradbury's "Fahrenheit " as far as dystopian novels go, this is an engaging tale.

In this dystopian future the world is run by two huge corporations - one American in origin and one Chinese in origin.

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