Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!

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S2: Episodes 1 - 4

Seriously, diverse group of superheroes that use science to save the world, a giant cuddly robot; this is right in our wheelhouse. We want to do a Google Hangout with our listeners during the holidays! Check out the Updates thread on the Ravelry board or our Twitter feed for details! Karen, meanwhile, bought…maybe not a lot by Rhinebeck standards, but still bought quite a bit of stuff. Really, like any of you are surprised. Age of Ultron trailer leak, Cumberbatch possibly as Dr. Strange, announcement of Phase 3 and a partridge in a pear tree. Seriously, you need to see this one.

Rowling has released on Pottermore, especially her character profile of Dolores Umbridge. Thanks to all the listeners and other great podcasters we met at Rhinebeck! In Adventures in Knitting, Maggie was working on the There and Back Again Story Scarf um…stay tuned on that one as well as her no-pattern Grimm scarf, as well as the Chroma Stocking Cap for the Elfling as well as doing some spinning with the fleece she bought a few months ago. She was also very good when it comes to shopping at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair.

Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks so much to the KW Knitters Guild for having us, especially Jenn who organized the fair, Iris, our wonderful moderator for the panel, and Colin, our sound guy. There was a bit of missing audio from one copy, so the first 20 minutes or so is from my iPod Touch with an internal mic and sounds like it.


👍 on @YouTube: CORY CHASE GYM FARTS https://t.co/el0Ju525Q5

Check the Rhinebeck Ravelry group for updates. In this episode apparently Karen has been neglecting her appropriate blood sacrifices or something because seriously you guys. If this is a sensitive topic for you, that segment runs between and In Adventures in Knitting, Maggie is nearly done the Pine Forest Baby blanket, has been spreading the gospel of spinning to visiting family, and has already started doing some embroidered Christmas ornaments from mmmcrafts.

Seriously, check out the content warning above. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, Hot Toys has some amazing new figures for Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Gamora which are incredibly detailed as usual, and we have our favourite items from the new Twist Collective. Rumor alert! Tom Hiddleston being wooed by Gatiss to be the 3rd Sherlock brother. You want the movie? But her Kernel scarf and her Madame Phelps shawl, finished the first Neldoreth sock, finished the Milanese Lace toper with her own handspun!

Rowling wrote a short Harry Potter story and the first episode of Season 8 of Doctor Who has leaked online. Emmy nominations are out, and Sherlock and Cosmos are nominated for a bunch of stuff. In Cravings Covets and Crushes, we have artwork by aliciamb on redbubble of unusual patronuses as well as a lot of adorable cards featuring other fandoms , and the American Museum of Natural History is offering sleepovers for grownups. Potter short story released for free! Emmy nominations! Skin Game — mind blown. Also we have to give all the props to Alicia Montano, Olympic track athlete who ran an m race while 8 months pregnant.

Martin Freeman says there will be a Sherlock Christmas Episode! Did you know Neil Gaiman is part of a video game? NASA needs your pennies! Matt Smith and maybe some friends? Time travel possible! Runs at US Championship while 8 months pregnant! Nathan Fillion has been confirmed to have a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy! They saw much merch, got photos of all the cool stuff, and Karen found a friend though his packaging could now use some updating.

Not that your hosts have been idle, as Karen is almost finished her Turtlepurl stripey socks, has started the Smocks of Love socks in some Koigu from her copious stash, and has almost finished one of her movie socks. Female Lego Scientist Minifigs! Skin Game by Jim Butcher is now available! In this episode, Karen is full of feels, so consider yourself warned. Karen, meanwhile, finished the Metallurgy Shawl in time to give it to her supervisor at her retirement dinner, and has been working on the Traveling Vine socks from More Sensational Knitted Socks as well as her Turtlepurl self-striping socks in the Purple Purple 5th Anniversary colourway.

She also did actually take out her stash and spread it out on her living room floor and took pictures of her stash including a couple of her lying on her stash, which are never going to see the light of day because wow, unflattering angle. There could be dinner! Not containing outlawed wheat or wheat by-products, of course. Anyway…twitter has also been celebrating the month of May with Agent May facts, under the hashtag Mayisms.

Seriously, these are hilarious. Also in casting news, Channing Tatum has been cast to play X-Man Gambit in an upcoming movie, and fans are…not convinced. They even have a beer finder on their website so you can see if you can get it in your area! Of course some of the new goodies will have to wait, as both of your hosts are working on their There and Back Again Story Scarves. Wait, does that mean Karen has been working on one project and is knitting something for someone else?

Did your hosts swap bodies or something? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Maggie also has a tiny cosplayer of her own for Free Comic Book Day. Finally in Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have found the amazingness that is the Men in Knitwear calendar, and the Handmade Stuffs etsy shop. Two things to brighten our day. Avengers Crack! Find us! Say hi! We may have stickers! Both are also planning tactics for the invasion of the Indigodragonfly booth at the Knitters Frolic as well as contemplating the upcoming There And Back Again Story Scarf-along as they wait for their yarn to arrive.

In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, Karen bought some yarn and Tumblr may hate her for it, because seriously, londrawyarn. Also, there is much squealing as your hosts received another package from New Zealand with some special hobbity stuff and lots of chocolate. Mark Gatiss teases Jane Austen Dr. Of course in Adventures in Knitting, both your hosts mainly have their Ravellenic Games projects to talk about, and not much else. Well, except for a little gloating over hockey and gold medals, along with their thoughts on the opening and closing ceremonies of the winter games.

In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have another source for wonderfully geeky project bags Karen is hiding her credit card as we speak , as well as an amazing Sherlock-inspired yoke cardigan. Dalek Mr. Space Jam sequel — WTF? Agents of S. In this episode, Maggie and Karen are finishing things in advance of the Ravellenic Games!

Benedict Cumberbatch with Sesame Street characters! For Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we had a belated exchange of holiday gifts, including some awesome nerdy jewelry from Spiffing Jewelry. In this episode, the accumulated feels from various fandoms are getting to Karen, namely Doctor Who, Sherlock and particularly Agents of S. Good thing your hosts have knitting! So yeah, spoilers. One of the things we miss about having this great community of listeners that lives in the internet is the chance to get together and geek out in person over movies and TV shows we love.

It seemed like a good choice considering the new episodes that will be arriving soon. So pop in your DVD or fire up your completely legally obtained of course computer file, stop the clock five seconds into the episode and wait for the countdown so you can watch the episode with us. We also bought some yarn in the Knitpicks sale, as we both have visions of colourwork mittens dancing in our heads. Maggie has cast on all the things including some frankensocks and a pair of Swirly Mittens , while Karen is trying to hold off until she finishes her college courses for this semester and her Bigger on the Inside Shawl.

In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have a couple last geeky gift ideas, including a knitted facehugger from Alien courtesy of the Knitrocious Etsy shop, lego building patterns for a variety of geeky things from chrismcveigh. Adventures in Knitting KnitPicks had a sale! In this episode, Karen has been listening to way too many of the Doctor Who audio dramas. Also her exams are OVER, so the next episode should be a little more timely.

Karen, meanwhile, has been plugging along on her Eyjafjallajokull shawl, and is nearly done, woo! No, really. Also yay, new Twist Collective! Geek Squee More Sherlock! Next up is a Bigger on the Inside shawl, and there has been casting on of another twisted stitch cabled sock. OF course we also went to see Thor 2, and have feelings about it. Lots and lots and lots of feelings. If you look up photos, be sure to have tissues handy. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, the holidays are getting closer and we have some…interesting gift ideas.

For adults. Officially licensed, too. Yes, you read that right. She was back to the same place she left off—just before the last chart of the four—in about four days, to some Doctor Who and Marvel movie marathonning, though. Of course in the post-Halloween geekiness, we have a picture of Sir Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster, and Col. Chris Hadfield had the most adorable costume contest ever. Prepare to have it stuck in your head for days.

This week, Karen and Maggie are still not at Rhinebeck. One year, dammit! Not helped by his basically challenging fandom to create art of himself, Tom Hiddleston and Matt Smith in a compromising position. Why must you be so perfect, Hiddleston? Oh and Sleepy Hollow is a thing we really need to catch up on. Tom Hiddleston is a really nice guy, and he dances! BBC Anglophinia — who could be a time lord? Not a warrior prince but a warrior princess! Not that that kept your hosts from making some purchases of course!

Apologies if there are some weird edits in this bit and a couple things may not be crystal clear—some major edits had to take place to cut down on the blathering. Feel free to post progress and pictures here on the blog, or chat about your projects in the thread over on the Ravelry group! Anyway, knitting! Maggie is almost done her Lush cardigan! And both of your hosts are preparing for the upcoming Hobbitalong—stay tuned for more details!

There was also a LOT of people. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have an addition to the Lego cast of characters that is making us happy and some geeky additions you could make to your Christmas tree this season, or hang from your car rear-view mirror or something. We have an events thread in the Ravelry group! Organize meetups and chats or let people know about events happening in your area. Female minifigs in Lego!

This week Maggie is back in the country without much knitting to show for her trip as there was a non-knitting project that demanded most of her time. She has done a little more on her Lush cardigan, however, not to menton got to go swimming with dolphins! Potato Head for the Whovians. So in other words the biggest reveal of a non-secret ever. This week Maggie has a huge basket containing the results of her spinning binges, some of which is actually being turned into projects!

She and Karen are also both working on sweaters. During a heat wave. Seriously, there is something wrong here. Meanwhile, Karen has also finished a cowl and is still working on a pair of socks; socks which may appear on Japanese national television. Now she just needs to…er… find room for it. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we had a little preview of a special issue from Interweave with designs inspired by Harry Potter an actual purchased copy, we should mention!

This will blow your mind, people. There are lots of projects started and not just by Karen! Yes, there are actual photos, look below the cut down at the bottom of the post. Oh and there are tadpoles and possible moths as well—spoiler warning: the knitting is okay. We know that probably scared you for a moment. Finally, Maggie has a little surprise for Karen. You may want to turn the volume down slightly for this one. There are spoilers for Star Trek: Into Darkness from to But first!

Trek , as well as a full trailer for some little show that few people know about yet. Something about some agency called S. Finally for Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have some seriously gorgeous yarn and gradient sets which you guys really need to go buy before Karen caves. Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief. Elvish Leaves Dishcloth. Ocean City Shawlette. However, before we get into Iron Man 3, Karen needs to express some feelings about the announcement that Agents of S. Stripey Socks. Mean Girls Yarn Club :. So this week we have something a little different.

You know, the usual. We definitely know what NOT to do for the next time! My Ovaries Over Benedict should be a yarn colorway at Indigodragonfly. Just saying! And pretty much all of these are socks. We also have a blog that demonstrates just how ludicrous some of the poses comic book characters adopt can be, as well as an event that is probably the geekiest party night of the year.

This week Maggie has finally finished the Cardigan of Doom! Muahahahaaaa another one to the dark side! In Geek Squee we have a report from the live sneak peek Peter Jackson gave of the next Hobbit movie and some discussion of some new, spoilery information about a certain character in Iron Man 3. And finally, we have a really sweet, geeky story from a listener that made us all wibbly. Thanks for sharing it with us, Ryan! Best Geek Dad Ever! This week, Maggie is so, SO close to finishing the Cardigan of Doom, after Karen made a perilous journey to the knitting store to get her another skein one does not simply walk into the yarn store, after all.

Karen, meanwhile, has mostly been concentrating on surviving March Break, though she has a little progress on a couple projects, and has done some much-need knitting basket organizing. And of course we just have to mention that Sherlock has started filming series 3. Thank youuuu! Karen, meanwhile, has no pretensions to monogamous knitting and so she has the same few projects in rotation as she had before, as well as being tempted to trying a fling with some new ones.

This week, the Spock Monkey is with its new owner stay tuned after the outro to hear the handover, as well as a little of our knit night and Maggie is still. Karen, meanwhile, is working on a bunch of projects, as is only to be expected, though her Cachoeira socks are moving a little slowly. Not so her movie socks, though, as she got to see Les Miserables, and has a few thoughts about that particular movie. No really, you can find it on YouTube. Meanwhile there was a different kind of invasion in London as part of the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, as well as a couple new places and ways to watch it when it finally comes out.

Let us know about your experience! Start training now, people! Seriously, that last squeal was originally about 14 minutes after the start of recording. More Socks that Rock? Karen, meanwhile, is being her usual non-monogamous self and has a new sock project as well as a very old shawl project, along with making some new knitting converts.

In Geek Squee, we have a very…unique and rather grotesque advertisement for The Walking Dead, new about an upcoming stop-motion animation steampunk comedy with some stellar talent providing voices as well as another go at a childhood classic that we are…not really thrilled about. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have a neat little pattern book written by one of our listeners that might be of interest for those that want to dip their toes into stranded colourwork or want some guided help adding colour patterns to basic knits, as well as a somewhat more…unique and NSFW colourwork sweater that has been getting a lot of attention around the knittiverse.

Meanwhile, Karen has a couple finished projects because she does actually finish things sometimes and is planning on starting another, though what that might be might change a few times. In Geek Squee, a couple TV shows that we are anxiously anticipating have started filming or are at least setting up some familiar-looking sets. Bonus: Maggie found some adorable sweatery cookies for when one of those shows airs! Can you see my religion? The coin has been pulled form the NZ mint website! And we have lots of knitting to catch up on! In Geek Squee, we have some encouraging news about the new S.

Sherlock Yarn! Karen, meanwhile, has been working on her Hobbit socks as well as another pair of handwarmers.

Evil and/or Mentally Ill and/or Terrorist: How we should be talking about Dylann Roof

In Geek Squee, we have the best. There is much purchasing and enabling and geekiness, of course. There are are also a couple important finished projects finally! The score streaming online! In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have a solution for those of you that have been asked to knit a Dr.

Who scarf but who feel like strangling yourself with your yarn at the thought of it, some Dalek-inspired mittens and and amazing dress using fabric printed with a map of Middle Earth. Any finally to wrap up, we have a package to squeal over thank you, Awilda! After our outro, we also have a promo for a book written by one of our listeners!

Or for distraction at the movies, which results in a handy tip for other knitters. Karen also springs a surprise on Maggie, namely a mention of us in a knitting magazine that literally had Maggie bouncing up and down on the couch. The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Knitalong is chugging along and we have less than a month until the premiere! There are also a couple digressions about certain epically historically nerdy TV we plan to use to keep charging along. Of course we have a rundown of some of the greatest, geekiest Halloween costumes we saw on the internet and commentary about the huge buyout that happened between Disney and Lucasfilm.

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Sold out. Oh, and we got to name a new Blue Moon Fiber Arts colourway. Oh, and some evidence that nerds are older than you may think. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have a review copy of a book we mentioned waaaaaay back by the Ladies of Mischief that has some seriously cool knitting patterns for the steampunkers among us and which is finally being published by Cooperative Press. Karen, meanwhile, has made progress on a couple projects, including her Hobbitalong slice of crazy pie as well as yet another project to add to the list.

In geeky news, there are actual characters for the S. Komen Foundation to raise awareness of breast cancer and has designed some special covers to that end. Also, you might have a name to curse at for any winter storms that hit this year, thanks to the Weather Channel, the release of the song for the upcoming Bond movie, and a community project that hits everyone right in their inner nine-year-old thanks to a grant from a group called—and I am so not making this up—the Awesome Foundation. Oh, and in case you need to get in shape in the geekiest way possible, we have the geeky, exercise version of a drinking game for Dr.

Who and Harry Potter. Comic book covers go pink! Finally we have a new online knitting magazine, some gorgeously nerdy pottery and some movie reproductions that we are dying to have in our hot little hands. Also, the Hobbit-along has begun! In spacey news, while one step forward in space exploration made the last leg of its journey to its final home, another is trundling across the surface of Mars to do some hardcore science.

And it may not be alone there for as long as we thought, as some scientists are experimenting with warp drive, so who knows when we might make that next leap forward into the solar system? Oh, and another prizewinner in our first anniversary contest, so stick around until the end of the episode! Warp drive may be possible! This week, we have a newbie! Lauren joins us at K1G2 World Headquarters and gets a first-person view of the crazy that goes on when we record.

Newbie is still recovering from the yarn overload. And of course we have a little prize to draw for this week…. Lick the solar system! Time to narrow down your projects and source yarn! Oh, and the President of the United States broke Reddit. For Cravings, Covets, and Crushes we have a fanartist who has some gorgeous stuff.

If you miss the button sale, check out her Society 6 shop for some really cool prints and watch her tumblr for a possible button sale return later on! You can still enter our anniversary contest! You have until Sept. Geeky Buttons: hoursago. And a study saying Gen Y is taking over book buying!

And no more sales of spells, prayers, potions, etc. And dinosaurs in Australia! And an adorable story for the cat lovers! Vin Diesel to play Vision in Avengers 2? Which has rightly given a lot of notoriety to a couple JPL staff members, in the geekiest way possible. Hint: it involves Tumblr. We also have news on virtual helpers you might see in your local airport some time soon and some goodies for Dr.

Who fans. Especially for knitting Dr. We also have squeals over the new fall Twist Collective! We have a contest! Check out our Twitter feed! Also, apparently a billionaire has been toying with the idea fo cloning dinosaurs. We all know how this movie ends. The next Jurassic Park? Some of us are clearing the boards of projects and some of us…not so much. Meanwhile in Geek…. Not so Squee, we have a brief mention of the unavoidable topic this week in geekdom, namely the shooting tragedy in Colorado. Our hearts definitely go out to the victims and their families.

Want to join our Ravellenic Games team? This week…seriously, guys, we should have known. Like this is a surprise. Also, Adam Savage of Mythbusters has let another epic costume for the con. The awesome even started pre-con with an amazingly geeky relay race ending in San Diego! Outside the con, the US military is taking some inspiration from a certain Princess Warrior, while the UK military is releasing even more documents about their evaluation of alien threats.

Want to join our Ravel-whatever Games team? We blame it on the heat. But despite the heat, we have some progress on knitted things! Meanwhile in the world of geekery, the biggest news this week had to be the discovery of what looks like a Higgs-Boson Particle by CERN you know, those guys that were going to create a black hole and kill us all , and in an amusing side note, Stephen Hawking lost a bet thanks to them.

Just remember not to mistake the solid perfume for lip balm like Karen did. The Ravellenic Games is approaching! Going to SDCC? Karen…is still working on the same things, and trying to resist the urge to cast on more. So, you know, business as usual. Oh, and could someone bring us a fire extinguisher?

This week, Karen is plugging away on her twisted stitch socks and has made a few yarny purchases while Maggie is nearing the finish line on her Vodka Lemonade cardigan and has finished one of her Catnip socks.

We also have a new incentive to encourage people to update their browsers from an Australian company. Finally, we have something to chase away the blues and give you some geeky cute to brighten gloomy days. No non-spoilery comments this time, for obvious reasons. This week Maggie has quite a bit of progress on her socks and sweater in between exposing a newbie knitter to all things fibery and working her way to becoming a ninja.

She has acquired some mini-skeins of a particularly nerdy nature, however. No, not that one. The one involving brooms and a golden snitch. Yes, really. In Cravings, Covets and Crushes we have yet another source for geek-inspired yarns in every base you could ever want, as well as a new online magazine, featuring patterns for our yarny weakness: sock yarn. Just once she resists the urge to kill podcast kitty for getting into her current sock project. We have an update on an awesome Kickstarter campaign and our own ideas of how one of the doctors should have carried the Olympic torch.

We also watched the first episode of Season 2 of Sherlock this week and we have lots of thoughts on the episode. Finally, we have a review of a book for bigger knitters which includes a whole heck of a lot of patterns that Karen is dying to knit. Keep an eye out for Karen!

Just look for the woman with a Knit 1 Geek 2 shirt on, and get a sticker for your troubles. Or will be, once she figures out what it is. This is what happens when we see a highly-anticipated movie together, people! Be sure to stick around after the Avengers stuff, though, as we have a prize to draw for those who participated in the Stashdown contest! The thread is still open and there are quite a few people still trying to be good about their yarn consumption! Need to do some flailing about Avengers, or have another comment? Oh, and another project waiting in the wings.

Only a couple days left to get your name in the draw for the stashdown! Glenna herself. Thanks, Glenna! The contest part of the stashdown is almost over! Want to have your name in the drawing? Finally for Cravings, Covets and Crushes, we have some very Downton Abbey yarns and patterns for all those recent converts and longer fans amongst our listeners.

The Watson-along and Stashdown are still going! This week, Karen and Maggie both have some finished projects or, well, sort of finished; slippers that are mid-felting and a baby blanket with the ends not woven in still count, right? This one is only for certain occasions though, which makes it perfectly all right, right? The results were…mixed. Spoilers stop at Meanwhile, Karen is squeeing over getting to go to one fiber festival and wailing about not going to another.

Oh, and Maggie has a topical new toy. Jet packs! This week, we have alcohol. No, for real this time. Oh, and geek god Nathan Fillion has some interesting casting news squee! There are also a couple patterns that to feature, including one that just blew our freaking minds, and a KAL and a referral to a coupon code if you want to get your Lord of the Rings on. Got any suggestions for video podcasts? Watson, some glimpses of The Hobbit and some costuming that has to be seen to be believed. And I do mean huge in the literal sense. The Stashdown is on! OMG there are promo pics for the next Star Trek movie!

And speaking of using stash, the Stashdown is on! Keep an eye on the Ravelry group for those that are getting rid of theirs! Email us, comment on the blog or at Ravelry and your name will go into a draw for a special something at the end of April. And yes, Watson-along projects count! Want to get in touch? Oh, and a series of 5K runs that will give you some serious incentives to train.

Hint: It involves zombies. Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming Stashdown-along! The Watson-along is still going on as well and feel free to join in! Karen, meanwhile, was increasing her stash with some dyeing and decreasing it by destashing. There are not one but TWO new trailers and some l33t haxxoring of a knitting machine, some casting news and the answer to an age-old mystery.

Finally we wrap up with a book suggestion for the cooks out there, as well as some gorgeous colourways that are tempting us. There are Watson socks on the go and a gorgeous sweater started, and other projects are trying to seduce Karen like a playboy billionaire in a romance novel. The Watson-along is on the go, and there are lots of people participating! This week we have projects that are ongoing and that are nearing completion. The Watson-along is up and running!

Our bad! Oh, and the internet is still uncensored. More animated. Lots of cookies! Not to mention hot guys in period clothing. Side Stories: Killdozer and the Cavitations. We're back with more freestyle, non-researched, off-the-cuff convo. Side Stories: The Corrections. Marcus joins Side Stories with a list of Last Podcast corrections. It's time to talk about the recently deceased as we explore the life of Britains most famous known serial killer, Dennis Nilsen. Join us as we investigate Nilsen's early life and the numerous twisted fantasies that led him to his first murder.

Side Stories: QAnon. Henry berates Ben with his Mark David Chapman theory. And then they both trash QAnon. It's Side Stories, baby! On the conclusion to our series, we cover Mark David Chapman's slow descent into madness and the day that changed the world of music forever. Samba Isobel Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Side Stories: Bruce McArthur. Hail yourself! On the first of a two part series, we cover the formative years of Mark David Chapman and the slow burn that led to the assassination of an icon.

Laser Groove Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Frankly, there's too much news. We'll be back on Friday w Episode The Jersey Devil. Disconcerned Kevin MacLeod incompetech. On the conclusion to our series on Casey Anthony, we cover the trial itself, from the wild accusations of abuse to the complete bungling of the case on the part of the prosecution, plus we do a theory of our own.

ZigZag Kevin MacLeod incompetech We're going all the way down to Orlando with our coverage of the Casey Anthony case. In the first of a two part series, we cover the deceptive nature of the accused, the infamous 31 days between her daughter's disappearance and the discovery of her l Episode The Hudson Valley Sightings. Page 7: Valenwine's Day. Patreon Sampler: His Master's Voice. Before we get to the next Last Podcast subject, we're going to let you further digest the Jonestown series. And so this week we're giving you a sampler of the kind of bonus content you can find on our Patreon feed!

In this installment, Ben reads some In this, the end of our Jonestown series, we cover the last year of Jonestown, from the myriad stressors that led Jim Jones to do what he did to November 18th, itself. On the fourth part to our series, we cover the improbable political career of Jim Jones, the beginnings of Jonestown, and just how awful things got once Peoples Temple arrived in full force along with their exiled leader.

On the third part of our series on Jim Jones, we cover the blossoming of Peoples Temple including the creation of the sex-obsessed Planning Commission and the harsh punishments that came along with it as well as the introduction of everyone's favorit Minisode: The Thames Torso Murders. Join us on this minisode as we extend our Jack the Ripper episodes past the official five Ripper victims to six mysterious headless torsos found around London between and , pointing towards the possibility of a second unidentified serial kil On part III of our series we cover some of Pee Wee's most horrific murders if they're true , the continued disintegration of the Final Truth, and the murder for hire scheme loosely connected to one of the biggest pop stars of the late nineties.

It's Heavy Hitter time! Join us as we cover his kerosine-filled infancy, the horrible time he had in prison at the hands of the Powermen Episode The Lost Continent of Lemuria. This week on Last Podcast we explore the lost continent of Lemuria, from its origins as an insane three-eyed fever dream of Madame Blavatsky to the moon-fight with Atlantis that eventually sunk it to the bottom of the sea.

Fiddles McGinty Kevin On the conclusion to our series, we cover the dirtbag way Willie got caught, the horrific evidence found on his farm, the dumb-shit agony that was his interrogation, and the infuriating way the Canadian justice system handled his trial. On the third part to our series we cover the multiple times in which Willie Pickton could have been caught in the late nineties, including an attempted murder, a witnessed murder, and an attempted murder-for-hire, plus Henry gets deeper on the Vancou On the second part of our series, we cover Willie's trips to the rendering plant, just how badly the Vancouver Police Department fucked the investigation up for well over a decade, and the Piggy Palace Good Times Society.

Opportunity Walks Kevin Join us as we cover his pig-shit covered childhood, his first forays into the world of meat and butchery, and his odd experience in America On part three of our four part series, we give you a short history of the white supremacy groups Timothy McVeigh may have been involved with, follow McVeigh on his gun show adventures, and introduce a curious little town in Oklahoma called Elohim Cit On the first of a multi-part series on the Oklahoma City bombing, we cover the events of April 19th, , in which a domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh parked a lb truck bomb in front of a federal building in Oklahoma City, OK and detonat Gonna Start MacLeod incompetech.

Episode Chris Benoit. Happy Bee Kevin MacLeod incompetech. On the conclusion of our L. Ron Hubbard series, we cover the shadowy arm of Scientology known as Sea Org as well as the various punishments Hubbard put people through, plus his "film career" and just how David Miscavige took control of the whole orga We're getting into the foundations of Scientology this week as well as Laffy's disastrous love affairs and the insane caper involving Hubbard kidnapping his own daughter. Heartbreaking Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Episode Live In Chicago. We're live from Chicago!

  • Heinkel He 178-Redeaux;
  • Child of Darkness (Gemini).
  • The Broken Promise;

Join us as we discuss Charles Manson's illnesses, the poetry of Son of Sam, Batsquatch, and the significance of the Denver Bronco's Superbowl win. Bass Walker Kevin MacLeod incompetech. Episode The Puerto Rican Chupacabra. It's one of the strangest cryptids around this week with the Puerto Rican Chupacabra. Is it an alien? Is it a monkey driven mad from experimentation? Tune in to find out, maybe. Dark Standoff by Kevin MacLeod incompetech. There's so many suspects we gotta split it in two!

On this first fourth episode, we cover the more unconventional suspects such as the Royal Family, the men of the McNaghton Memo, black magic users, Dr. Thomas Cream, and Alice In Wonderland author We continue our series with the letters of Jack the Ripper, the message on the wall, and the gruesome murder of the Ripper's last victim, Mary Jane Kelly.

In part two of Jack the Ripper we cover the murder of the rough and rowdy Annie Chapman, just where the idea of Gentleman Jack came from, and the Double Event in which Jack the Ripper took two victims in one night. Backed Vibes Kevin MacLeod incomp It's the beginning of our Jack the Ripper saga this week as we paint a portrait of the hellish district of Whitechapel in and cover the first two of the eleven Whitechapel Murders as well as the first of what is known as the Canonical Five.

Listen in to hear of Ed's final abductions, his repressed sperm-milking abductions, and the city council election that finally brought Join us as tell a suburban tale of beams, terrible smells, and guns all involving the family of a family man named Ed Walters who may or may not It's the end of the Children of God saga as we cover the story of not Davidito, but Ricky Rodriquez, as the former messiah leaves the Children of God and heads down a road of vengeance and murder. Bossa Bossa Kevin MacLeod incompetech. A Conversation with My Favorite Murder.

Join us as we talk about the differences and similarities between our two shows, why true crime seems to have taken off recently, and the On part three of Children of God, we cover the religious prostitution that was Flirty Fishing and the most disturbing cult artifact that came out of the 20th Century: The Story of Davidito. It gets real gross here on part two of Children of God as we cover the beginning of the Family's disgusting sexual habits and the Mo Letters, including phrases to say to Jesus when he's having sex with you and what really lies in the hollow moon.

It's the Children of God cult on this week's Last Podcast! In part one, we follow sex-crazed self-proclaimed prophet David Berg from his early days as a failed Pentecostal preacher to his brilliant manipulation of the hippie movement. Think of him li Episode The Lobster Boy Murders.

Join us today as we explore the world of the American carnival through the lens of the murder by and the murder of the 20th century's most famous sideshow act: Grady Stiles Jr, the Lobster Boy! Ossuary 5 - Rest Kevin MacLeod incompetech. It's our bloodiest episode yet on Last Podcast as we round out our coverage of the Vampire of Sacramento with an absolutely horrific five-victim murder spree that ranks among the most disgusting and disturbing ever recorded in the annals of American Episode Listenerpasta IV - Jeff.

We're back this year with more Creepypastas written by you, the listener! Tune in for fly infested dead bodies, a dirty poem, an astral projection gone wrong, and Jeffff. It's time for our annual listener stories episode and do we have a helluva one for you this year. From the trenches of World War I to the back alleys of Iraq and beyond to the testing fields of Area 51 plus some trolls and such , it's an inadvertent Episode Time Travelers.

It's Project Pegasus and more on today's Last Podcast as we cover Andrew Basiago who traveled with the President to Mars when they were teenagers in a secret government time travel experiment and Internet legend John Titor who captured the attention It's an episode of hybristophiliacs today on Last Podcast as we cover the jailhouse lovers of Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, and David Berkowitz, plus the saddest serial killer love story of all: Star and Charles Manson.

Awesome Call Kevin MacLeod inc Episode The Black Monk of Pontefract. It's one of world's least known yet most interesting and ultimately most adorable poltergeist cases on this week's show with the Black Monk of Pontefract, in which not only a family but an entire town get in on the act. Local Forecast - Slower Kevin Episode Billy Meier - Alien Collaborator. It's a return to aliens this week as we cover the one-armed Swiss supposed alien contactee Billy Meier, who claims that he is the sole connection between the humans and a mysterious race known as the Plejarens in addition to his many, many detractors The story of the Menendez brothers comes to an end with their inevitable capture and the ensuing trial that captured the attention of the nation.

It's the biggest murder case of the early nineties on today's Last Podcast as we cover the inheritance killings perpetrated by Lyle and Erik Menendez. It's a lot weirder than you remember it being. Metaphysik Kevin MacLeod incompetech.

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In the conclusion to our series on Albert Fish, we cover the horrific murder of Grace Budd and the stupendous police work that led to the capture of America's Boogeyman. Hep Cats Kevin MacLeod incompetech. The nightmare continues with Albert Fish part II as we delve into Albert's horrific family life, the beginnings of his religious mania, and how that would result in two of the most horrendous murders we've ever covered.

It's Gold Star time. In part one of our three part series on the living embodiment of nightmares, Albert Fish, we cover the psychopathology of one of the most depraved, disgusting monsters who has ever lived, his horrific childhood, and the mystery that is "Buck Buck How Episode The Secret Space Program.

Episode Bigfoot Hunters. Our magic series concludes with Chaos Magic Part II, in which we, as much as we possibly can, simplify fractals, the different types of sigils, and what system of magic might work for you. Slow Burn Kevin MacLeod incompetech. It's the first part of our long awaited series on Chaos Magic this week as we cover, as simply as we possibly can, the origins, the core tenets, and just what Chaos Magic can do for you if you decide to give it a shot. Music credit for the Pentabarf Episode Sexy Ghosts. The story of the Hillside Stranglers story comes to an end with Ken Bianchi in the spotlight, from his bungled final murders to the strange tale of hypnosis and fakery that followed.

It's time for murder on this second of three episodes about the Hillside Stranglers as we Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono's sadistic killing spree from beginning to end. It's time for another Creepypasta episode! Tune in for stories about deadly rabbits, human meatloaf, homeless men, and a potatoes that are human, or humans that are potatoes, or something. Episode Witch Hunts. In honor of our upcoming show in Los Angeles, we're covering some of the most brutal and bizarre witch trials in European history, from the strange English hillbilly saga of the Lancashire witches to the France's oh-so-fancy poison for profit witch s Episode Manifestos.

Today on Last Podcast, we're talking manifestos, from the pathetic mewlings of the world's worst person, Elliot Rodger aka the Virgin Killer, to the somewhat-reasonable-if-he-didn't-kill-four-people ramblings of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner On this, the final part of our four part series, we cover the ramp up to the attack, the day of terror experienced by the people of Tokyo, and the aftermath, which was almost an even deadlier disaster. The Aum series continues with the cult expanding into Russia, running afoul of many stray dogs in the process, and coming goddamn close to obtaining an actual working nuclear bomb while they were there.

The Aum series continues with the blossoming of the cult as they move into full-on warfare mode with the development of their very first biolab and their first two thankfully unsuccessful terror attacks. It's a return to cults with one of the most bizarre we've ever covered, the Aum Shinrikyo death cult of Japan!

In this first part we cover how the group started as a fairly innocent scam focused on increasing the psychic powers of nerds and how leade It's time for the alleged debunking on the wrap up to our Roswell series, as well as alternate theories blaming everyone from the Russians to the Nazis to God to the Devil. It's the grandaddy of them all on this week's Last Podcast with the story of the Roswell Incident, in which, allegedly, a manned spacecraft of unknown origin crashed in the New Mexico desert in , changing the world forever.

Episode Paranormal Photography. It's the world of paranormal photography and technology on this week's Last Podcast! Episode Chemtrails. It's rural America's favorite conspiracy theory on today's Last Podcast as we cover every facet of chemtrails from weather control to mind control and of course, the prevention of the next stage of human evolution. In the conclusion to our Dean Corll series, the man himself meets a bloody end at the hands of one of his accomplices and police discover one of the most gruesome crime scenes in American history and completely screw it up.

The main leg of the Dean Corll murder and torture spree begins with the addition of his second accomplice, Wayne Henley, which eventually ended in the deaths of a further 18 boys, bringing the total to 29 in less than three years. The Dean Corll series continues with the introduction of his infamous torture board and the boat shed where he disposed of the bodies of dozens of boys, as well as his first accomplice in 29 murders, teenager David Brooks. It's teenage boy mass-murderer Dean Corll up next on the Heavy Hitter series as we cover his childhood in the Klan-ridden hellhole that is Vidor, TX and his career at the Corll Candy Company of Houston where he earned his reputation as the Candyman.

Episode Ghost Cats of the South. Join us this week as we explore the world of ghost cats, specifically those located in the South. Episode David Bowie and the Occult. It's a tribute to the greatest magician of the 20th century on this week's Last Podcast as we cover Bowie's occult obsessions during the s and how those pepper-milk cocaine fueled days tie in with Bowie's very last album, Blackstar.

It's the conclusion to the saga of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng on this week's Last Podcast as we cover the pair's inevitable arrest, the gruesome discoveries made after their capture, and the bizarre trial of Charles Ng. On part three of four of our series on Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, we get into what actually went on in the bunker that Leonard Lake had spent most of his life trying to build. That includes the videotapes, the layout, and the horrifying murder of a A brutal homicide. A desperate cop.

Not familiar with Dete The series on two of America's most despicable killers continues with Leonard Lake finding the perfect location to pull off the evil and twisted Operation Miranda and Charles Ng fully joining up with his murder partner in California. It's two of America's lesser known serial killers this week as we cover Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, partners in crime who tortured and murdered up to 25 men, women, and children over just one year in the early eighties.

There's also a unicorn. Episode H. It's time for the conclusion of our series on H. Holmes as America's first urban serial killer goes full Bluebeard by way of safe suffocation on his way out of Chicago and comes close to murdering an entire family in a life insurance scam, the sche Our series on H.

Holmes continues with the actual construction of his murder castle, exactly how he used it to kill and dispose of his victims, and the terrible, vicious things that happened within. It's H. Join us as we cover the transitionary hellhole that was America in the late s and how H. Holmes, one of the most well-rounded psychopath The magick series continues with the Left Hand Path!

Join us on this sex and semen filled journey as we explore Aleister Crowley's Thelema and his various adventures along the way, Anton LaVey's Church of Satan and how Michael Aquino tried to ruin ev Episode Halloween.

Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts! Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts! Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts! Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts! Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!
Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts! Diary of a Nerd King #2: Episode 4 - Farts, Farts, and More Farts!

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