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Most read today. Most read last 7 days. After reading this book I read the afterword by the author sometimes I think these add to the story. Elizabeth Fixmer works with cult members that have survived extraction from religious cults. She does a really good job with the psychological part of being involved in one of these factions in this book. The beginning of the book Eva is a devout member and her thoughts read more adult like.

The brainwashing is very believable in how she portrays it. Then towards the second part of the book when Prophet Dumbass decides it's time to make Eva his next bride her mindset has began to change and as she learns more of the "heathen" world she becomes more of a younger person in the way she thinks. View all 9 comments.

Dec 29, Paula M. Down from the Mountain is the first book that's I've read about cults. And to be honest, this book is still haunting me. I've never expected that it was gonna be that honest and shocking. My knowledge about cults is limited, I just know that they exist and that's it. So when I first read the blurb of Down from the Mountain, my interest was piqued and I just know that I have to read it.

Down the mountain the river flows Cover by Aakansh

Elizabeth Fixmer's writing is really vivid. It feels like you are right there along with the main characters e Down from the Mountain is the first book that's I've read about cults. It feels like you are right there along with the main characters environment and experiencing what her characters are going through.

Down the Mountain

I mentioned in my past reviews that I loved putting myself in the main characters shoes when I'm reading because it helps me understand the book even more, but in here, it was hard. Eva is so young and her strength and her curious mind is admirable. I asked myself, 'What if I'm on Eva's shoes? At that age. With that kind of situation. What will I do? The plot, everything in this book actually, is so real that it terrifies me. Because what's happening are twisted and scary and some are even inhumane. I found out that Elizabeth Fixmer is really someone who works with people who are rescued from a cult that's why everything screams 'accurate'.

And yes, that little fact over there just terrified me even more. Down from the Mountain is really a book worth reading! Read and your eyes will be open about some dark things that is really happening in our world. Elizabeth Fixmer is brave and admirable because of writing such a book like this. Down from the Mountain deserves to be in your shelf! View 2 comments. Dec 06, Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: psychology , written-by-med-person , netgalley , requested-netgalley.

When I requested Down from the Mountain on Netgalley, I thought this book would be about a girl who goes against everything she's ever been told. It's not an easy thing to do. Most of us never question what we accept as a reality and truth. Sure, we might rebel against going to school or eating vegetables, but who's going to question the most basic facts of life? What for? A roof on our head? Well, yeah, that's kind of normal.

Truth is, nothing is "normal". It's normal because we accept When I requested Down from the Mountain on Netgalley, I thought this book would be about a girl who goes against everything she's ever been told. It's normal because we accept it is, but it might seem strange for someone who's been raised with different ideas and beliefs.

Down from the Moutain is about life in a sect called "Righteous Path". The main character is called Eva, and, at fourteen, she slowly begins to question what their leader, Ezekiel, has told them. This process of questionning your beliefs was what interested me about the book. Unfrotunately, I got more about life in a sect. Oh, sure, she questions a little.

Just not enough for me. I started this book about 2 hours ago and haven't put it down since then. There are two reasons for that: one, I was too engrossed in the story to care about such trivial things. Two, I felt too nauseous for that, because this story is absolutely sickening. Seriously, it's not for the faint of heart. Elizabeth Fixmer is a psychotherapist who's worked with people recovering from life in a sect, or even with some who were still part of one. You can tell in her book that she mostly wanted to show the psychological side.

She explains at the end of her book after the acknoledgements that even if someone doesn't believe in their leader anymore, many other factors influence their ability to part from the sect. For example, most leaders ask their followers to give all their possessions to the cause. Let's face it, most leaders know perfectly well they're lying and more often than not, this is all a financial scam. How could you escape if you had nothing to live? If you want to know more about religious cults and more specifically their leader, I can only advise you to check out this video called "Mind control made easy".

I received a ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review View all 3 comments. Feb 13, Charlie rated it it was amazing Shelves: sent-for-review , young-adult. Wow this was intense!! What a freaking emotional rollercoaster. One of the best YA books I've read this year. I was fully invested in Eva's story. It was real and very emotional. I really felt for her, all her doubts and disappointments. I was really satisfied with the ending.

It was maybe a little too neat but honestly, after everything Eva went through she deserved some peace. Mar 02, Sophie rated it really liked it. You can find this review along with many others on my blog! I recieved an advanced copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Review will be cross-posted onto my blog closer to release date. Down from the Mountain was an incredibly quick and enjoyable read. I have read several memoirs dealing with religious groups or cults such as the Righteous Path and was impressed with how well Fixmer portrayed the setting, characters, and tensions.

There were sections of the story that were written the same as the rest, but with the addit I recieved an advanced copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. There were sections of the story that were written the same as the rest, but with the addition of just one line of dialogue or one action, a conversation that seemed natural enough could be turned into something nagging and chilling.

I don't want to comment too much on the actual plot of this story because I think that giving away too much would really tip someone off as to how this book plays out. This is no fault of Fixmer's, however, because she has crafted a story that burns slowly and surely and culminates in an incredibly fast-paced and dramatic conclusion. Throughout, we see subtle changes within our main character, Eva an alias given to her when her mother brought her to the Righteous Path , that affect both her religious identity and her self-identity which have been tied together.

The reader sees things such as a shift in the way that Eva prays, focusing on herself and not asking for everything to come through Prophet Ezekiel. One aspect of this book that I really enjoyed was the comparisons that Eva would make between the version of God that she knows through what she is being told and what she is witnessing and the version of God that she experiences when she thinks about the character of Aslan from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

She sees this Aslan-version as good and pure, while the one that works through Prophet Ezekiel is jealous, evil, selfish. I loved the times when Eva would witness something in the "heathen world" and recognize that, hey, maybe God is really like Aslan, after all. Reasons for subtracting a star: While we learn how Eva and her mother came to be in this place, I wish there had been more of an exploration into what it was like in the early days.

How and when did Eva really start to believe what it was that she was being told? How did her relationship with her mother change when all of these other mothers started showing up? Despite this, I really enjoyed how Eva never really exhibited anger or hatred towards her mother, even though it would have been justified. Finally, the dialogue seemed a little stitled and unnatural. I bounced back and forth between whether or not this was a choice given the setting and the characters, but then the outsiders would also use this sort of very robotic and correct speech and I found myself not liking it.

While it may make sense that religious groups such as the one portrayed here would try to be as proper and accurate as possible while speaking, it drew me out of the story at times and I often would find myself subconsciously de-formalizing the speech. Dec 06, Brittany rated it liked it Shelves: donezo , arc , release Other than that, the up points that can be found here are so incredibly worthwhile.

Between the writing style and feeling like I was actually with Eva in Righteous Path, enduring her pain and torment, this book was a very quick read once you got past the first thirty or so pages. You really feel immersed in the lifestyle while you're reading through Eva's experiences, and reading about Annie and Jacob, the Mothers, and of course Ezekial. Trevor and a few other heathens help to add some of the normalcy that we're all used to.

Eva's reactions to them and how they act are so pure that it practically breaks your heart to think of someone so sheltered and unexposed to the beauty that the world has to offer. The biggest downfall of this book for me is unfortunately the ending. I feel like suddenly things really started happening, Eva finally got her footing, and then suddenly it was ending. I needed a little bit more leading to the end of the book, instead of a sudden head on collision with no more pages.

I wish I could give this four stars, but my problems with the ending really stop me. I would definitely suggest this to a ton of people though. The journey is beautiful and the writing is addictive. Elizabeth Fixmer built a world that is terrifying to consider, one that of course is real and surrounding us, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I initially thought I would.

Mar 25, Claire Book Blog Bird rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , netgalley , standalone. I received a copy of Down from the Mountain in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Albert Whitman Teen and Netgalley. A copy of this review is also on my blog: www. Eva lives in a crazy cult! Gotta say, I find the whole concept of cults fascinating, so I was really excited to read this book. I liked Eva immensely as a main character. She was very intelligent and was devoted to her mother, despite the fact that they were forbidden from having a close relationship with each other.

I liked the way Eva was torn between life on the Righteous Path and her natural curiosity about the outside world. I understand cult leaders are really charismatic and manipulative and that they prey on people who are vulnerable, but Ezekiel was just horrible to everyone. Also, how were they all okay with him living in luxury while everyone else basically lived in a barn? I guess the manipulation went on behind the scenes, but I would have liked to have seen more of it.

I would definitely recommend this book. Feb 28, christine danielle Bibliophilic Madness rated it really liked it Shelves: stars , young-adult. It talks about religion and the heroine is part of a religious group which was lead by Ezekial who marries all the women there old and young saying it was what God wanted. Which was utter crap by the way.

Reader Interactions

That was something I really admired about the heroine and since she was really young doing something like that was amazing. This book doesn't have any romance in it. I know it's really shocking for me to read a book without romance but this was a great exception. I learned a lot of things in this book and the greatest one is standing up for what you believe is right. View 1 comment. Mar 02, Kristen Cansler rated it liked it Shelves: net-galley , r2r. What a strange book! I really loved the premise before I even started this book. Religious cults?! Sign me up. But I was let down with the delivery of this book.

For starters, I was really confused by the inclusion of The Chronicles of Narnia. I know what it's like to have a deep love for a piece of literature. Yet the way that the author included Narnia was really strange. It didn't fit into the story. It didn't read like the rest of the story. It stuck out like a sore thumb and really slowed d What a strange book! It stuck out like a sore thumb and really slowed down the book.

The characters were really interesting. The author has a way with descriptions that made me feel like I was on the compound and getting to know the members. Reading about the leader, Ezekiel, was chilling. The author knew exactly how to portray him as the sociopath that he is. Eva was a strong character. I enjoyed her curiosity about the world outside of the compound and her spirit.

Down from the Mountain was a good read, but ultimately it left me wanting more. The book seemed really short, and I wasn't ready to let go by the time it ended. It seemed like Eva's story wasn't finished and the ending was rushed. If you have an interest in cults, you'll definitely find an interesting read with this one, though! Feb 18, Jami Sailor rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , family-dysfunction , trigger-warning , , trc This is the second "girl escapes from cult" young adult novel I've read in the last 6 months.

May 07, Shane rated it really liked it Shelves: psychological , drama , realistic-fiction. I saw Down from the Mountain on Netgalley and instantly became intrigued because of the religious cult plot. I've only read a handful of these books and was curious as to how Elizabeth would deliver this story. She did a great job. Eva is this young girl, like many others, living in an isolated community led by a lunatic self-proclaimed prophet of God. Now, I've always found it to be mind-boggling as to how people could give up their freedom because basically that's what they're doing without re I saw Down from the Mountain on Netgalley and instantly became intrigued because of the religious cult plot.

Now, I've always found it to be mind-boggling as to how people could give up their freedom because basically that's what they're doing without realizing it and follow someone who they can't even question out of fear of being physically punished. And what makes them think they're so special than others that they're the only ones going to heaven? Eva is one of these so-called chosen ones who starts having doubts. She begins to question everything about the community and its leader, and I like that even though she's so young, she's the least brainwashed and the only one in the community piecing things together.

I really liked the writing and how the author pulled me in and carried me along every step of the way while Eva's having her epitome.

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She was so taken aback by the kindness of the people on the outside, the same ones her leader had unpleasant words for. And I liked how Trevor's character was so open-minded and helpful. He showed her a different world from the one Ezekiel fabricated, and I think that strengthened Eva more in the decision she made towards the end. Although, that decision was already made but she couldn't carry it out due to the fact that her mother, the woman who brought her child into that mess, was also at the community and in danger.

Throughout the story, I learned a lot.

Down from the Mountain

Not only about Eva but I could get a sense of who the other community members were and the kind of life they were living. Everything was clear, and I could feel the emotions of each scene. Whenever a character would be humiliated and punished, I sympathized, and whenever someone irked every fiber of my being, I wanted to slap them. This book definitely had my interest, and it held on tightly.

The only issue I had was the comparison to Chronicles of Narnia. I feel like that wasn't entirely necessary and I'm not too comfortable with it, but it didn't affect me enough where I was turned off from the story. Overall, great writing accompanied by an engrossing premise. It's evident that the author did her research and I feel like I had a concise idea of what some religious cults are like. I hope to read more by Ms. Fixmer soon. May 23, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Down From the Mountain was such an eye opening book. People actually believe in prophets and cult like situations.

It is scary to think that someone could put THAT much trust into another persons hands. At first, I didn't think I would enjoy this book. After I received the book I got the image in my head that it was about religion and a girl life in a cult. Instead it was actually about a girls struggle with her religious beliefs and her trying to figure out right from wrong. But I can say that Down From the Mountain was such an eye opening book. But I can say that I devoured this book in the majority of one day.

I normally picture people in cults as brainwashed and very obedient but Eva had a mind of her own and it was telling her that Ezekiel and the Righteous Path wasn't right for her. Annie was a nice enough kid but she was severely brainwashed. Eva was supposed to be her best friend yet, countless times, Annie told her that if she saw her doing something that was against the rules she would report her.

She also believed that she was suffering from asthma for her sins. WHAT sins could a ten year old possibly have that would damn her to having server health issues? I really liked Trevor. He had his own motives but he also seemed to truly care about what happened to Eva and her mother. I truly think they would have made a great couple. Even though Eva is only 14 her maturity level is much higher. The Righteous Path made her grow up too fast it seems. The people who were a part of Righteous Path must have really needed to put their faith into someone.

The group had hardly any men and all the women were marrying Ezekiel. In a way I feel like this book explains so much about the world. It isn't just cults that have high expectations. The entire world does. Ezekiel wanted to control how people saw his followers and the world wants to control how women look. You might this this who cult thing is outrageous but it's not the much different than the world the rest of us live in. In the end I was left with a few questions.

Like what happened to the rest of the mothers and the few kids? Did Trevor and Rachel get together? I kind of got that vibe at the end. I know he was 20 and Eva is 14 but they still made a pretty good team. Dec 11, Vanda Sharma rated it really liked it. The author has a beautiful writing style that captivates the audience, the plot had me craving for more!

Ezekiel proclaims that God 'speaks' through the 'prophet' and demands that he marries every female in the group until she comes of age, that being 15 years old. The book contains dark themes such as child abuse, violence, manipulation and torturous punishment that creates an emotional atmosphere. Quite a unique YA novel and a page-turner. Jan 16, The Reading Rabbit rated it really liked it. Interesting plot line! Great pace to the story, longer review to come! May 07, Peggy Geiger rated it really liked it Shelves: giveaway , owned , thriller , favorites. ARC courtesy of author and publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: YA Lily's parents are divorced. Lily's father, is going away on a teaching assignment in China for two years. Lily, age 4, listening to her daddy tell her goodby; Excerpt from the book: "But only two gifts stand out in my mind. One was a red-and-white tube with ribbon on both ends. The other was a little box with a bow on it. I tore open the first but Daddy had to explain what it was. That's how long I'll be in China. Every time you wake up in the morning, you put an X on another day and each X brings us closer to the time we can see each other again.

I'm sure I ripped it open eagerly. Inside was a pink and white necklace that I thought was beautiful. Finally he laughed and told me the secret. That's for the Lily part of your name. I was to wear the necklace always, and when I needed Daddy's love, it would be there. He invited his wife to join him, and together they stayed another two weeks. By that time Mom believed in him fully and we went with him back to Arizona. Eva and her mother are among the chosen few to be saved from Armageddon.

The rest of us are heathens with no hope of redemption. According to the prophet, God speaks through him alone and his word is law in the compound. Ezekiel promptly marries any female over the age of 15 in his cult and drives off their husbands or fathers when the men object. Prophet Ezekiel, speaking to Lily, age 4, whose name he has now changed to Eva; Excerpt from book: "And God wants you to give up your toys and clothes to follow Him.

I expected him to tell me that it was pretty but he didn't. I covered my necklace protectively. Your daddy was not chosen by God for salvation, and he won't be welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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  • I plugged my ears and my stomach suddenly hurt. Daddy's not bad," I kept saying. But Ezekiel firmly pulled my hands down. He paddled me hard, until I gave it to him. That's when I wet myself in front of everybody. It was a powerful lesson, one that I needed to learn-that God comes before any material possessions. He is an abusive, delusional and manipulative pervert.

    He isolates most of his communal from the outside world and maintains control with public shaming and beatings. Further control is gained by exhorting the members to confess to any supposed sin, or risk one of the other wives or children rating you out. Punishment depends on the degree of your "sin", punishment being controlled by the prophet. The basic concept of establishing a cult is mainly based on a financial scam. According to the propaganda, only souls will be saved and allowed to go to heaven.

    The trick is, to be "saved" you must turn all of your wealth and worldly possessions over to the cult. Any income any member makes also is community property. This does two things. One, you are isolated and trapped and two, it makes you are dependent upon the whim of the cult leader for basic necessities like food and clothing.

    The commune has moved from Arizona to a member "donated" ranch in Colorado and is virtually kept hidden from the "heathens". Like any pyramid scheme, the money only continues to flow in if more members are recruited. The prophet has had quite a scare and has stopped bringing in new members and their dollars.

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    Since moving to Colorado, money is tight and food supplies have been scarce in the wintertime. The disciples don't seem to be able to figure out their continual fasting, up to 3 days a week is due to a shortage of funds, not the word of God spoken through Ezekiel. In addition they have been warned a reporter is trying to find them, so Ezekiel uses most of their funds to stockpile weapons. Eva, now age 14, is being groomed to be the next unwilling wife of the prophet age something. She has been raised for 10 years to fear God and her formative years has been subjected to a lifetime of fasting, punishment and isolation.

    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain
    Down From the Mountain Down From the Mountain

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