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You also need to know your creator.

God created you for a purpose. He has intention for your life and the only way to discover your role is to follow and grow closer to Him. Any obstacles faced can be big or small, but when you learn to rely on the Lord, any obstruction becomes something that can be overcome. An obstacle is an obstacle, no matter the size. But God prepares you for them and stands with you through it all.

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Neither does your external appearance or ability to stay in the loop. Your identity comes from the Lord. You are His and He created you for a unique and beautiful purpose. She understood the heart of Hannah, and she had us in tears immediately. The Bible speaks about Jesus, as the Good Shepard. He will leave His 99 sheep to find one lost sheep Mathew God will pursue that one, and so should we. But, that coach needed to be run after as well. The beauty of God is that He sees the real us. What if God is calling that wonderer to be a leader. When you face your obstacles of loneliness, consider if God is calling you away from the crowd to inspire them toward a new direction.

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God wants you to see your worth and His love when everything that you know, love and value is torn away, and life no longer makes sense. Donate Request Speaker. MelindaLaging Founder of niNe. You may also like. Community at Christmas October 9, The application was, at times, arduous and difficult to fill out. I made sure to file an application in January for the following fall term.

This got me in line for grants that were available to students in my state. FAFSA was also a big help. The state grants I received also helped. I signed my son up at the YMCA childcare near my house and bought a discounted student bus pass. Both were paid for with my financial aid.

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At times, it felt difficult spending large chunks of money at a time when our family was on food stamps and welfare. The most difficult aspect of going back to school to start a new career is simply sticking with the program. It is easy to get discouraged unless you work on it and guard against it. Classwork can feel hard and studying can be exhausting. Balancing school with family and work felt overwhelming at times.

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Growth is a painful process, and there is no growth without hard work. Then, life happens. Four months before I started the nursing program. I separated from my husband. The most demanding year of my education was simultaneously spent going through my divorce. I had to take time off from school to be with family.

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  • The return to school after losing my mother was by far the most difficult challenge, but I persevered. If I can do it, so can you! I graduated from Mt. My first nursing job began in September Words do not explain the pride and confidence I have gained through this process, and… there is more to come. Abound: Finish College narrows down your options and gets you in touch with schools that we can confirm are Accessible, Affordable, Accelerated, and Advanced.

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    Take a look at the schools we trust and find the program that works for you. Going back to school can be difficult when you have other responsibilities such as work and family. Click to tweet. Financial Aid.

    Student Success. College Resources. Application Process.

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    More advice. What is an Adult Degree Completion Program? Ana-Marcela Lopez.

    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles
    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles
    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles
    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles
    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles
    Overcoming Lifes Obstacles Overcoming Lifes Obstacles

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