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Do you remember the last time a great idea for something popped into your head? Was it when you were walking to the subway or bus stop? Or hoovering up dust bunnies? Make a habit of shoving a notebook in your pocket so the next time you have a great idea, you can simply write it down. Write about yourself.

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Sometimes our own lives are as interesting and entertaining as the movies. Make sure you write them down. I was once in Sweden when a Norwegian filmmaker asked me to watch his short — in Norwegian. Of course, when it was over, he asked me how it was. He then translated the movie and it was sweet, tender and very funny. It was, he explained, based on a joke his granddad had told him. Maybe those bad granddad jokes will inspire you, too. The beauty of these jokes is they have a setup i.

These can make great storytelling hooks. Why not take an iconic story and flip the characters around? Instead of the beautiful princess kissing the frog, why not make it the handsome prince? Another flip on this would be to take a well-known movie and reverse the characters. He made a list of all the stuff he could get cheap, the actors he knew and the locations he could get for free and then he cooked up the story based on the fact that his actor had a dog and could play the guitar.

Confinement stories. Research is a great way to find ideas. Make a list af your favourite theories or ideas and research them. I use this tool a lot. Watch great short films and then see if you can use their ideas and approaches to come up with your own ideas. Do you arrive as planned? Or leave as planned? What are the types of incidents that could change your normal day or your life? People would find this interesting. Read the newspaper. He put together a lab in a small barn in West Brattleboro, Vermont, with an assortment of electronic scrap and discarded vacuum equipment from Boston area equipment dealers and set out to test the limits of optical thin film design and manufacture.

As one of the only thin-film optics companies in the US working with the academic and development communities, business grew swiftly, reaching one million in sales within four years. The initial focus was on increasing coating complexity and expanding the spectral range into the UV and NIR. Over time, Omega moved to progressively larger spaces in Brattleboro, settling in , on the Delta Campus outside of town.

The technology at Omega has evolved dramatically over the last 50 years. Thin-film deposition was originally performed with resistively heated systems and manual deposition control. Computer programs were written to speed design modeling and to control the operation and monitoring of the deposition process.

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The d. DLCP measurements were performed with a.


The filling pulse voltage and width were 0. At every scanning temperature point, the transient capacitance was measured 20 times for obtaining the average value. The time delay was adjusted by changing the path length of the probe. The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author on request.

Wang, L. Energy 2 , Zhou, Y. Thin-film Sb 2 Se 3 photovoltaics with oriented one-dimensional ribbons and benign grain boundaries. Chen, C. Characterization of basic physical properties of Sb 2 Se 3 and its relevance for photovoltaics. Liu, X. ACS Appl. Interfaces 6 , — Leng, M. Luo, M. Li, Z. Sb 2 Se 3 thin film solar cells in substrate configuration and the back contact selenization. Energy Mater. Cells , — Yuan, C. Sb 2 Se 3 solar cells prepared with selenized dc-sputtered metallic precursors.

Electron 27 , — Enhanced Sb 2 Se 3 solar cell performance through theory-guided defect control. ACS Energy Lett. Leijtens, T. Carrier trapping and recombination: the role of defect physics in enhancing the open circuit voltage of metal halide perovskite solar cells. Energy Environ. Heo, S. Lang, D.

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Deep-level transient spectroscopy: a new method to characterize traps in semiconductors. Yang, W. Iodide management in formamidinium-lead-halide-based perovskite layers for efficient solar cells. Science , — Kestner, J.

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An experimental and modeling analysis of vapor transport deposition of cadmium telluride. Cells 83 , 55—65 Wangperawong, A. Bifacial solar cell with SnS absorber by vapor transport deposition. Ngo, T. Electrodeposition of antimony selenide thin films and application in semiconductor sensitized solar cells. Choi, Y. Sb 2 Se 3 -Sensitized inorganic-organic heterojunction solar cells fabricated using a single-source precursor. Mattox, D. Particle bombardment effects on thin-film deposition: A review.

A 7 , — Rossnagel, S. Thin film deposition with physical vapor deposition and related technologies. A 21 , S74—S87 Lin, X. Quilettes, D. Impact of microstructure on local carrier lifetime in perovskite solar cells. Sun, Z. Zhao, B. High open-circuit voltages in Tin-rich low-bandgap perovskite-based planar heterojunction photovoltaics. Gao, F. Trap-induced losses in hybrid photovoltaics.

ACS Nano. Abbaszadeh, D. Elimination of charge carrier trapping in diluted semiconductors. Szendrei, K. PbS nanocrystal solar cells with high efficiency and fill factor.

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  • Li, Y. High-efficiency robust perovskite solar cells on ultrathin flexible substrates. Jahandar, M.

    Vapor transport deposition of antimony selenide thin film solar cells with 7.6% efficiency

    Nano Energy 27 , — Kumar, S. Liu, F. Heath, J. Duan, H. Auret, F. Detection of minority-carrier defects by deep level transient spectroscopy using Schottky barrier diodes. Fourches, N. A quantitative treatment for deep level transient spectroscopy under minority-carrier injection. Kerr, L. Investigation of defect properties in Cu In,Ga Se 2 solar cells by deep-level transient spectroscopy. Solid-State Electron 48 , — Fleming, R. Injection deep level transient spectroscopy: An improved method for measuring capture rates of hot carriers in semiconductors.

    Khan, A. DLTS: A promising technique for the identification of the recombination and compensator centers in solar cell materials. Nguyen, T. Defects in organic electronic devices. Dharmarasu, N. Tumelero, M. Unraveling the native conduction of trichalcogenides and its ideal band alignment for new photovoltaic interfaces.

    C , — Boix, P.

    Optical Properties of Thin Films for DUV and VUV Microlithography

    Determination of gap defect states in organic bulk heterojunction solar cells from capacitance measurements. Sherkar, T. Recombination in perovskite solar cells: significance of grain boundaries, interface traps, and defect ions. Sinsermsuksakul, P. Overcoming efficiency limitations of SnS-Based solar cells. Minami, T. Express 8 ,

    Thin Film - a short story Thin Film - a short story
    Thin Film - a short story Thin Film - a short story
    Thin Film - a short story Thin Film - a short story
    Thin Film - a short story Thin Film - a short story
    Thin Film - a short story Thin Film - a short story

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