In Contempt Of Fate

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Beatrice Fernando, Author of “In Contempt of Fate”

Yet there are a number of cases on the executive privilege vs. Congressional subpoena question, and virtually all support Congress. The most significant one today may be the case decided in The House subpoenaed the Administrator to produce documents related to the mismanagement of the Superfund designed to ameliorate serious toxic waste hot spots, and Reagan asserted executive privilege and directed her to refuse to comply. The result was she became the first Cabinet member ever to be found in contempt of Congress.

The vote was not close: — But before the House could send the document certifying her contempt to the U.

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Attorney for prosecution as a criminal contempt, the Department of Justice obtained a temporary injunction barring that transmission. The Administrator quit and bitterly complained about the Congressional investigation and the whole experience. Yes, that Gorsuch. Justices do not need to explain, and do not explain recusal decisions. Nixon , and that unanimous decision was an eight-justice court. As for Gorsuch, would he leave the court evenly split ideologically and thus more firmly in the hands of a conservative Chief Justice who nonetheless possesses a penchant for making the Court appear apolitical?

How did I end up in slavery? Could this have been prevented? And how did I survive the leap? In my brief testimony today, I want to address those questions. I understand that I only have a few minutes for my testimony — and I am a member of Toastmasters, so I appreciate time limits! Let me make a few observations about the problem of human trafficking from the point of view of someone who experienced it. I got swept up in human trafficking because I did not understand the risks.

We can reduce the power of traffickers by educating at-risk populations. So here is my suggestion: We need to make sure there are public service announcements and public education campaigns, not just in the US but around the world. For example, I am ready today to record a message for Sri Lankans, in Singhalese, telling them about what happened to me and warning them to be aware.

We need you!

In my case, there was an office in Sri Lanka and an office in Lebanon. The directors of these offices are both responsible for what happened to me. They did nothing to help me, and they never paid me.

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These agencies are sending thousands of people to work overseas. In fact, the population of Kuwait is two-thirds foreign workers. The percent of foreign workers in the United Arab Emirates is even higher. People like me are actually the majority, even though we have no guaranteed rights.

The waves of workers arriving in these countries come through job agencies, but the agencies are not being watched closely enough. One idea is to insist that agencies have registration programs, so relatives of workers can always track them down. But they had no way to reach me. We need accountability, and we should pressure governments around the world to monitor job agencies more closely. After I jumped off the balcony, I blacked out. I woke up later in the hospital, paralyzed. Eventually, I got a flight home to Sri Lanka.

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I was ashamed, and I quietly prayed to God for strength. Only a few years ago, I began to feel I was ready to discuss what had happened to me.

In Contempt of Fate

So I sat down and wrote my autobiography, which has now been published under the title In Contempt of Fate. We need to remove the shame from slavery. To do that, survivors need to talk openly about their experience in order to help victims of trafficking recover. Our message is that there is no reason to be ashamed, even though you will at first feel ashamed.

Our message is that you have to believe in yourself and hold on to your faith, even if people will treat you like an animal. There is a spiritual and psychological side to the recovery process that should not be neglected. We need to evaluate if funding matches performance.

The report should also document the repression of anti-slavery groups.

Contempt case: Pak SC to decide Gilani's fate-NewsX

And the US should fund a commission of government officials and NGO activists to ensure the liberation of all slaves in Sudan. So I published the book.

Parliament to decide Ken Agyapong’s fate today after contempt case

That lead me to where I am today. When you become a victim, there is no real final escape. All you have to do is believe it. I am so glad that you saw my son as my savior. But, as a child he suffered for my choices. But my son is the one who suffered the most.

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He is really lonely and alone. At the time I wrote the book, I was not as open as I am now.

To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself. by Albert Einstein

Therefore, I hesitate to say much about that moment. It was my son, but, I knew I was on a death row. I wanted to believe I would survive the fall. Beatrice Fernando did not stop with the release of her book, but continued to help others through her organization, Nivasa. Beatrice Fernando best describes the heart and purpose of her organization, herself saying, " The women in Sri Lanka, who mange to return home after being abused, raped, and enslaved have the tendency to become enslaved again because they do not realize that it is a crime, that they are victims.

All they want is to find a way to make a living, and they take it as their fate or luck so they go again to another country, to another home believing things will be different, but they never change. I want to change this, break this cycle of slavery by providing an economical solution to these families by taking one of the burdens off of their shoulders one of which is their children and provide support to educate their children and provide them with a secure safe environment and a home; Nivasa means home.

Giving the children a sense of home, where they can grow up surrounded by their parents with peace, love and security. Give back and help others, just as Beatrice Fernando has done and is continuing to do. You can sponsor a child and personally be responsible for the happiness in a child's life. Feingold, David A. Fernando, Beatrice. Nivasa Foundation, n. In Contempt of Fate. Merrimac: BeaRo Publishing, Beatrice Fernando.

Nivasa Foundation. Boy Fishers. World Press.

In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate
In Contempt Of Fate In Contempt Of Fate

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