Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)

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In her new role, Trimble will build and maintain relationships with individuals, companies and foundations to establish gifting programs. Over the course of the four days, Colonneso attended a general session, an executive session and several classes related to confidentiality laws, filing and technology and system updates, among other aspects.

Colonneso also was presented with a certificate for completing hours of training related to legal, budget, finance and court operations as required by statute, recognizing her as a certified clerk of the circuit court. To maintain her certification, Colonneso must complete an additional 36 hours every year, which can be obtained through classes and conferences. As their chemistry bonds them more tightly, his music expands to new heights. Friday, Nov.

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On Saturday, Nov. We look forward to sharing good wine, exciting stories, and fabulous food with you all while supporting a good cause! The eleventh annual artsHOP weekend will be celebrated with a lineup of local original art, refreshments, live music, raffles. Attendees of the event will be able to meet a variety of artists from various local art galleries. Enjoy the beach and fine art at this weekend event. Kick off the weekend Friday evening at Gold Coast Eagle Distributing with cocktails, fabulous food, a silent auction and poker tournament.


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Buy-in for the tournament includes free entry to the Kick-Off Celebration. David Olney became a major player in Nashville's underground folk and country scene in the early '70s. Since his success in Tennessee, David has created over 20 albums to his name, incorporating a wide range of inspiration from honky tonk to rock in his works. Known for her use of bold color and heavy texture, Arleen creates oil paintings that transport the viewer into a captivating and ethereal space. Additionally, Burns Gallery will host a trunk show featuring sterling silver designs by Kelim, a local boutique.

Burns Gallery, Burns Lane, Sarasota. The 8th annual Siesta Key Crystal Classic returns this year with the promise of even more creative and jaw dropping exhibits. Come out and view 12 masterpieces made only from our 1 beach sand and water. Listen to live music everyday. Enjoy the many activities and vendors throughout the festival. Sarasota Opera , 61 N Pineapple Ave. Following in the footsteps of forward-thinking bands, Yarn is a Brooklyn-based Americana and alternative country band.

They weave country, rock and blues into one in their music and performances. Their fresh sound includes musical idioms and universal tales for all to hear.

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This Book Fair is an exciting program which highlights the creative and democratic processes of 21st century independent artist's publishing. At the event, books, zines, comics, photoboooks, prints and more are available for purhcase. The day will culminate with a performance by Sheryl Oring. Alfred R. Goldstein Library, Bradenton Rd. Honore Ave. Aviva Senior Life Campus, N. Honore Ave Sarasota, Florida BASE Talks are an outreach lecture series centered around the core subjects of business, arts, science and entertainment.

The presentations are designed to enhance community engagement and add value to the local arts and entertainment sectors. Learn more about these topics and become a smarter thinker. Directed and choreographed by Josh Rhodes and winner of eight Tony Awards, Evita is among the most passionate and memorable productions. This exemplary musical is set to impress with a spectacular new staging at Asolo Rep. This classic holiday tale centers on a mischievous, bespectacled boy, Ralphie, who dreams of getting a BB-gun for Christmas.

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In the weeks before the big holiday, Ralphie, his friends and his family get into all kinds of situations — including run-ins with a bully, a tongue stuck to a flagpole, a bar of soap in the mouth, a garish leg lamp, and a Chinese Christmas dinner. Venice Theatre, Tampa Ave W. In a place beyond the palms, discover where right-brained creativity is born and bred.

Olivia Liang and Brittany Mattie Oct 3, The Burial Mound was built by many generations of prehistoric native North Americans who lived along the Shell Ridge Midden from about to Human bones and ceremonial offerings of shark teeth , smashed pottery and other materials were periodically placed on the mound, then covered with sand. Citrus fruit was washed, cured, sorted and crated in the Packing House for shipment to Key West, Florida or Cedar Key, Florida , where it then was shipped to northern markets. The building is an authentic reconstruction of the original.

When not out cruising the bay, Magic , a replica of what was originally a sailboat that was retrofitted as a motor launch by John Webb around is moored near the Packing House pier. Recently it was discovered that Charles Webb had left a hand written Journal and in that hand written Journal he told of the demise of the Magic.

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A hurricane hit the Osprey area in Before the hurricane arrived Charles Webb dragged the Magic as far up on land as he could. Further than he had ever seen the water line rise to previously. However, the Hurricane was a fierce storm and worse than was expected. After the storm had died down Charles Webb went to check on the Magic and found that it had been totally destroyed by the sea. The reconstruction contains the six stained-glass windows that were salvaged from the original building by Mabel Webb Johnson Sims.

The chapel is a popular place for small country weddings. Next to Mary's Chapel is the family graveyard where members of the Webb family and other area pioneers are interred. Palmer's formal Duchene Lawn features two rows of queen palms , Phoenix reclinata s and a Washington palms. Palmer's era. Now a grassy field with a few lychee trees , the field was once a large grove of lychee trees, a fruit-producing evergreen imported from the Far East.

The Lychee Field was part of Gordon Palmer's nursery in the s. The garden was designed to provide for the complete life cycle of butterflies. This area showcases larval and nectar plants for monarchs , swallowtails , zebra longwings , and other butterflies. The flowering plants in the garden are nectar plants. Milkweed is both a larval and nectar plant. The entrance to Mrs. Palmer's Fern Walk is under the aqueduct. In a natural hollow created by the archaic midden , beautiful ferns and palms are featured.

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They rented rooms to winter boarders. Ten years later, the home was acquired by Mrs.

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  • Potter Palmer and called Hill Cottage. The Guptill House is furnished to depict the Florida pioneer era. For early settlers along Florida's coast, local estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico were central to life. The Webb family homestead was dependent on aquatic resources, boats and maritime commerce. Frank Guptill operated his boatyard on the shores of Little Sarasota Bay very near to the place where this working boatyard is built. The site is though to have been built by the Calusa Indian tribe. The Archaic Midden is made up of layers of shellfish , shell tools , pottery and other early artifacts built up through the Late Archaic 5,, years ago , Manasota, and Late Woodland 3,, years ago periods.

    It is the only archaeological exhibit in the United States that is built inside an archaic midden. The Jungle Walk was created by Mrs. Potter Palmer with shell paths meandering past classical urns and tropical vegetation. A miniature aqueduct features water flowing over a shell cascade. To the north was once the Blue Garden and Mrs. Palmer's house, The Oaks. The original Footbridge was constructed in the late s by Daniel Cock, whose boarding house, "Fiddler's Lodge", once stood at its northern end.

    Today, it provides and excellent view of the mangrove shoreline and the mooring of Lizzie G.

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    The wood was harvested from local trees, cut down and shaped by hand. No power tools were used in the construction of the Lizzie G. The sails are hand stitched cotton. It was later occupied by Potter's sister, Bertha, and her husband, Oakleigh Thorne. Today, it serves as a center for educational programs.

    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)
    Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3) Senile in Sarasota (The Suncoast Mysteries Book 3)

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