Heaven, Science, and the Last Things

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And by extension, it means identifying ourselves with, making ours, the cause of those with whom God has identified himself Matthew We also speak of heaven in terms of eternal life.

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Eternity is not the same thing as an indefinite period of time. It is not a quantitative notion, but a qualitative one. Thus it is Life, with a capital L. Finally, heaven is paradise. Nevertheless, the fact that the goal is still paradise corroborates a truth that we have tried to emphasise several times in the course of these reflections: eschatology speaks to us of the consummation of what was glimpsed at the very beginning.

For that reason hope ends in doxology: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Properly speaking, the final things will be only heaven and hell — the former as salvation and the latter as the possibility of refusing salvation.

In light of this, what can be said of purgatory? If we add to those images certain liturgical practices of dubious quality, we have more than enough reasons to ignore the topic.


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Nevertheless, we cannot deny a certain plausibility to purgatory, first because our access to celestial beatitude will always be a creaturely access. We know, of course, from experience that making our very own the love God gives us inevitably presupposes a process, or better: a way. Every forward movement on the way is a source of joy, but progress on the journey can also be very painful at times.

John of the Cross points out quite correctly that the real misery of the human condition consists in this: what is most helpful and beneficial for us becomes harsh and difficult to absorb. We are blinded by the excess of light. Possibly this is what purgatory is all about: knowing that we are utterly saved and nevertheless still on the way to taking full possession of that salvation. See www. Articles are available in English, Catalan and Spanish.

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Even if the longing speaks of the past, the consummation to which we aspire points us towards the future. Is this the reason why John of the Cross seeks to purify the memory which refers us back to the past with the virtue of hope which orients us to the future? When a person who has been clinically dead returns to life and describes traveling to other, larger worlds, we need to listen to what this person says and ask not whether what they say sounds silly to us truly new discoveries just about always do , but whether there might just be some truth to it.

We must overcome our innate tendency to deny and disbelieve, just as people in Europe had to in the great age of exploration, when travelers returned with tales of lands and peoples and ways of life entirely beyond the ken of those who had sent those explorers out to begin with. We are right now in the process of entering a new age of exploration: one in which we will suffer shocks of disorientation every bit as great as those we suffered when the earth turned out not to be flat, when the sun turned out not to revolve around the earth, and when the mists of the Milky Way revealed themselves to be composed of billions of stars — suns like ours, some vastly larger and more powerful — and that beyond our own galaxy lay other galaxies more than the number of people alive on earth today!

These new discoveries will be shocking, but they will also be profoundly comforting and healing. I know, because I have been to the edge of these new worlds, and returned. As a result, I know that love, beauty, and goodness are real, and that the soul is real as well.

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They are part of the actual geography of the cosmos within which we live and move. They are as real as rain, as real as the stick of butter on your dinner table, as real as wood, or stone, or plutonium, or the rings of Saturn, or sodium nitrate. Nor are these worlds general, vague, or abstract. There are trees and flowers in these worlds. There are fields, and there are animals. There is water too — water in abundance. It flows in rivers and descends as rain. Mists rise from the pulsing surfaces of these waters, and fish glide beneath them. Not abstract, mathematical fish.

Real ones. They are, to state it in a manner that falls profoundly short of the real experience but is accurate all the same, more than simply earthly. Closer, like the water higher up on a meandering river is closer to the springs from which it emerges. The reality that binds all of these worlds together, is that most real, most un-abstract, most central thing there is: Love. Nothing is isolated in these worlds beyond our own. Powerful, Informative.

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A must read! Every Catholic should be knowledgeable about the four last things, and live each day of their lives with this knowledge at the forefront of every thought and action. This is a hard hitting book of truth! Something that so lacking in this world. A must read for all Catholics. Content is based on Saints and on biblical truths. Good book to meditate with our Lord. Mar 01, Riley rated it it was amazing. Memento mori! I recommend this book to all Christians to meditate upon their own eternal salvation.

Although the writing may seem dated, it is very easy to ready and is accessible.

Do not pass this great book up. The Four Last Things An eye opener. All should heed the message. Many will not. Feb 27, Tyler Snook rated it it was amazing. Essential meditation for any Christian. Puritanical, pulpit thumping, doom and gloom! For starters, there is no Imprimatur or Nihil obstat anywhere. To read this book and to know one has to experience the future unimaginable horrors of Puritanical, pulpit thumping, doom and gloom! To read this book and to know one has to experience the future unimaginable horrors of the Second Coming so vividly, frighteningly, and intricately detailed in this book is to wish one had never been born.

I am not one to meditate on the last four things as being nothing but flowers, rainbows and unicorns. Our God is a Just God, sin will be punished terribly. Hell is real. Heaven is real.

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And hard to attain. But there is not, in this book, clear and concise information on where all the tremendous amount of details of the Final Judgment that Christ will conduct have stemmed from. Many traditional scripture passages are used as examples of doom and gloom in this book. The book of Apocalypse is indeed rather foreboding but such scripture passages do not give insight to the amount of intense detail in the book.

Certainly meditation on these subjects is important but there are more profound books to read and more appropriate ways to meditate on the Second Coming in a wholesome and God-fearing way. I asked my spiritual director about this book. He told me to close it and never open it again.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

It is closed. It is serves as a meditation from an older point of view and as a note a Catholic Christian point of view. It may not be what is commonly taught in religion classes today, but I feel this is a worthwhile way to build one's piety - Fear which in today's language - Respect of God. Even for the non-Catholic Christian, the author does use the Bible as he makes as his points throughout, mentioning the passage and the reference. This adds to the meditation to show the author's comments has a basis - even if you disagree with the conclusion.

This is not meant as a scholarly discussion which everything referenced back to something in the Bible or elsewhere. Again, it's a meditation on the Last Four Things - something that needs more meditation these days.

Heaven, Science, and the Last Things Heaven, Science, and the Last Things
Heaven, Science, and the Last Things Heaven, Science, and the Last Things
Heaven, Science, and the Last Things Heaven, Science, and the Last Things
Heaven, Science, and the Last Things Heaven, Science, and the Last Things
Heaven, Science, and the Last Things Heaven, Science, and the Last Things

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