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At one time, this was a very popular position, but, following two World Wars, it is much less attractive today. For them, Israel is the church today, awaiting the Second Coming of our Lord.

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Dispensational premillennialism views Revelation and other eschatological texts primarily as a forecast of the very last days of history. It separated Israel and the church, believing that any promises made to Israel in the Old Testament have been or will be fulfilled literally. This is the most popular position with many laypeople and pastors in conservative traditions, especially in the South.

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It typically views Old Testament prophecies as fulfilled in the church, the spiritual Israel. No one knows when or exactly how Jesus will return to earth. But we know that he will. As we consider the divisive subject of end-times theories, three guiding principles may be helpful. We can agree on the essentials of the Christian faith while disagreeing about this speculative theological area.

Scripture can never mean what it never meant. He may come for us today, or we may go to him. Neither Yahweh nor Jesus showed up that year to end the world, as far as I know. Next they predicted failure, obviously.

Are hurricanes distracting from true signs of the end times?

Next , then , then , all clearly miscalculations. Kudos on the effort, Witnesses! His name was Jesus. He was a For those of you in the mood, RationalWiki has a fun article about End times.

Living in the Age of Signs

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Recurring dreams. Herbert W. The Antichrist was supposed to be the dictatorial leader of a " one world government ". He would promise peace to the world while leading Christians into apostasy , and impose a "one world money system" in which everyone had to have the Number of the Beast branded on them to buy or sell. Like the Roman emperors of old, he would force the world to unite in " one world religion ", and impose horrible martyrdoms on surviving Christians. At some point after his appearance, a large number of Jews would convert to Christianity and preach the gospel after the Christians had been removed by the Rapture.

Believers in the system therefore scanned the headlines wondering if various world leaders might be the Antichrist, and wondering whether Mideast violence might be a sign of Armageddon. They feared such things as Social Security numbers and UPC barcodes, fearing that these tax identification numbers may be precursors to the dangerous Number of the Beast, whose receipt destines one's soul to damnation.

The Antichrist has as his allies the Beast and the Whore of Babylon , mysterious figures who run an apostate church or false religion.


A world ravaged by plague and turmoil turns to the Antichrist to lead it, and who promises to deliver it. Eventually, the Antichrist musters an army to attack Israel. Gog and Magog have something to do with it. At the climax of the story, the Battle of Armageddon , Jesus returns in the Second Coming and stops the fighting. The movement has spawned various timetables and countdowns to the apocalypse, whose general tendency can be summed up with the title of one of Lindsey's books, The s: Countdown to Armageddon.

The former Soviet Union played a large role in Lindsey's earlier interpretations; his later books understandably tone that down considerably, while new villains like Saddam Hussein take its place. The movement has strained relationships with conservative U. It should be obvious from the foregoing that there is nothing in the Biblical apocalypses that forces these particular interpretations. The Seventh-day Adventists have their own tradition of millennialism arising from the nineteenth century Millerite movement that is distinct from contemporary dispensationalism.

The prophecies have had to be revised several times in the light of changing current events. The whole belief system is often characterised by those who do not hold it, or who have abandoned it, as a mass paranoid delusion , full of ideas of reference that supposedly reveal the secret and sinister meaning that links unrelated events. End times speculations have occasionally been made the subject of political controversy, especially in the United States when conservative Christians seek national political office.

The implications of the prophecies that turmoil in the Middle East is inescapable, that nuclear war is predestined by Scripture, and that it will supernaturally lead to a divine utopia , give rise to some misgivings among unbelievers in the prophecies. James G. Watt , Ronald Reagan 's Secretary of the Interior, once remarked that "my responsibility is to follow the Scriptures which call upon us to occupy the land until Jesus returns;" this was interpreted by political foes as meaning that we did not need to take care of the environment because Jesus was returning soon.

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Ronald Reagan himself was quoted in as saying that "we may be the generation that sees Armageddon," suggesting that he was familiar with the prophecies.

The End of Times The End of Times
The End of Times The End of Times
The End of Times The End of Times
The End of Times The End of Times
The End of Times The End of Times

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