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This one looks like New York too. The workers are obviously breaking a strike. It reminds me somehow of my grandmother Emma back in Panama. Social injustice made her indignant. I found this view of Midtown at the antiques flea market in the garage on West 25th Street. I hate to ask you to pick favorite pieces, but do you have one? My grandmother was an intelligent, free-spirited woman who divorced two husbands and raised four children alone. She did yoga, was a Rosicrucian and a feminist.

In this painting I see a lady hoping that things work out for her family. She has a look of concern, also of hope. The painter, whoever it was, did a good job. You mentioned collecting movie posters and comic book art. He could have sworn there was no one there when they first arrived. Too late, he noticed the deep protrusion of the wall by the arched courtyard gateway. He had never realized the niche was so deep. How the hell did he get in here?

The hooded man chuckled. He clicked his fingers, answered by movement beside the columns at the far end. At least a dozen men stepped out of the shadows and fanned out, blocking the way to escape. They were dressed for action, folds of their black robes tucked into their belts, loose pants girded at the ankles by the tall cuffs of their leather boots.

Kyth recognized their weapons, spiked balls hanging on long, thin chains. Orbens — powerful, but extremely hard to master, banned for centuries after the fall of the Old Empire. Pits of hell. He edged further away, keeping as many men as he could in his line of sight. They idled, holding their weapons but not attacking. The hooded man stepped forward. Sunlight fell onto his face illuminating gaunt features, his eyes of such pale brown that they looked yellow. A silent thunder rolled through the courtyard.

Alder and Ellah gasped and doubled over, sinking down to the stone pavement. The attackers drew closer, spinning their weapons with a short leeway. Spiked metal balls blended into gleaming circles. Kyth felt the wind on his face as he edged around their line searching for a possible gap. Kyth swept his eyes around the group. Too many to face by himself, but he would be damned if he gave in without a fight. He concentrated. As the attackers neared, he feinted at the closest one and countered the anticipated block by shifting the other way. He aimed low.

He crouched, trying to keep as many attackers as possible in sight.

Seven Blades in Black

Too late, he noticed more shapes sliding in from behind. Where the hell are they coming from? He yelped as hands gripped his elbows with a numbing force. Their clammy fingers once again made him think of snakes. Constrictors, judging by the way his arms were rapidly losing feeling. His sword clanked on the stone pavement, an oddly loud sound in the smothering stillness of the windless air. Kaddim Tolos chuckled. No need to trouble yourself with pointless fighting. A lithe, muscular figure burst into the yard.

He dropped to the pavement, searching for his sword. Waves of smothering force pounced onto the courtyard. Kara stumbled, hovering like a tightrope walker losing balance. He would be damned if he stood by uselessly, watching Kara die. He would fight for her to his last breath. There was no power he could focus. He opened up his senses, absorbing the smothering waves rolling through the courtyard. The dark power felt strange, bitter as it entered his body.

He steadied himself, letting it flow freely into his calm center, out to the limbs. New strength coursed through his veins. He focused, concentrating its flow on the tip of his sword. They met him with spinning orbens, but he was faster this time. He side-stepped the figures rushing at him without really seeing them, his entire senses focused on Tolos standing motionlessly by the wall.

He had to get to this man, take him out before he did any more damage. Before his men killed Kara, sprawled helplessly on the courtyard stones. Tolos moved with unexpected speed. The sword slid out of his hand, but the pressure stayed, until he could no longer feel his hands. He slowly raised his head and looked at the sharp features framed by the hood. Kyth felt like a fly trapped in a web. A new wave of force hit the courtyard. This time she remained upright, caught in the onflow of force, her violet eyes shining like amethysts in the setting of her dark skin.

Her face became hollow, ashen gray with the strain. A streak of blood oozed down from her nostril. The attackers closed in on her like vultures. Kyth groaned, uselessly struggling in the hands of his captors. Fight them, Kara , he thought, sending the feeling toward her with such force that he was sure she would sense it even without words. Fight, for I cannot bear to lose you. Her eyes widened. She hovered for a moment, then slowly steadied herself, straightening against the oppressive flow.

Her muscles rippled, a barely perceptible wave that ran down her body, restoring her graceful, confident posture. The attackers sensed the change. They raised their weapons with renewed urgency, but none of them could possibly be fast enough to match her. She slashed into their line, her shape a blur as she swept through like a human whirlwind. Men fell to her blades left and right, their blood painting the stones dark crimson. Others backed off, their faces showing fear as they kept their distance. In mere moments the impressive attack force was reduced to a disorderly group, huddled together in a fight for their lives.

He turned and darted toward the castle wall. A small grappler hook shot out of his sleeve. He flung it up to catch on the edge of the wall high above his head and flew up the rope so fast that he looked like a grotesque black bird with his wing-like robe flapping in his wake. His men followed. In a blink of an eye they were gone, leaving their fallen comrades, black heaps on the bloodstained pavement of the courtyard.

The smothering blanket of power lifted as the attackers disappeared. Sounds of the outside world filled the courtyard, chirping of the sparrows in the palace gardens, a high shriek of a rivergull out on the lake, distant hacking of an axe chopping wood by the kitchens. Kyth reached past him to help Ellah, struggling upright. She looked pale, her hands shaky as she smoothed her dress with a nervous gesture.

Kyth shivered with relief at seeing her alive. She merely nodded. Her full lips quivered as she glanced at the bodies scattered over the yard. With a quick movement she flicked her blades into their double-ended staff-like sheath strapped across her back. Then she slowly raised her hand to wipe the blood off her face. Kyth had never seen her so shaken before.

Gasps from the far end of the courtyard caught their attention. Kingsguards crowded over one of the bodies. The fallen attacker was slowly coming to, pale eyes dazedly watching the people leaning over him. A gash on his left temple oozed over his closely shaved scalp. The shape resembled an arrowhead pointing to the ground. It also looked vaguely like a head, with a pointed beard and long, protruding horns. He suddenly remembered what he knew about the Kaddim. An ancient brotherhood, rumored to play a key part in the fall of the Old Empire.

As far as he remembered, the Kaddim cult had been outlawed centuries ago, all its followers hunted down by the Church. Kyth shivered. Who were these men? What did they want with him? Kyth hesitated, glancing at the two Keepers standing beside the throne. But why? This is year one of the Initiate Wars. Sara is hoping it doesn't become the year she dies. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Crown Service 1 , Algardis Universe 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Blades of Magic , please sign up.

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The Kickbutt Heroine Fantasy Genre is pretty much my favorite. It's a genre with lots of tropes, but they're tropes I can't get enough of -- particularly the trope of a strong young heroine with a secret and unusual power she is only just discovering. There are infinite ways to handle this trope, making it feel fresh, but it's full of universal relevance at the same time.

How many of us women need to realize that WE also have unusual power we haven't yet begun to discover? Blades of Magic is a great example of the genre. It started out a little bit rocky for me--Sara, the protagonist, is NOT a likeable person! Her magic is battle-magic, and she is a bloodthirsty, violent character with a huge chip on her shoulder. The kind of personality that is really cool in a thirty-something heroine, but in a seventeen-year-old. So for the first chapter or two, I just wasn't certain I would end up liking the book.

She realized that her heroine needed a contrast, needed a foil to give her balance. So she introduced the character of Ezekiel -- a bespectacled geek-type who curator of unusual oddments in a warehouse which Sara is hired to guard. Instead, he went on to become Sara's companion throughout a breathtaking adventure, helping her in her search to discover the secret of what TRULY happened to her father who was executed for treason, leaving Sara's family disgraced and Sara herself brokenhearted. The story quickly turns into a more and more and more complex mystery, with unpredictable turns in every chapter.

And at the heart of it, these two mismatched souls coming to a real and life-changing friendship. Note--this relationship is a friendship only. It may or may not turn into a romance later? You see the two of them learning to truly care for each other and help each other, but without a romantic element. Usually I like a healthy dose of romance in my kickbutt heroine fantasies as long as it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the adventure , but I kind of loved that this one side-stepped neatly around that issue and made us see these people simply as two people.

Anyway, this story surprised me and delighted me and thrilled me by turns. For the first few chapters I didn't think I'd like it, but now I think those chapters were necessary to the success of the story--without them, I wouldn't have fully appreciated everything else to come. I'm super excited to have discovered this amazing author, and I look forward to seeing where Sara and Ezekiel's adventures take them in this ongoing series!

View all 6 comments. Blades of Magic is a young adult fantasy. I usually avoid young adult reads, but I picked this one up for free from Amazon and deiced to give it a go. I was soon drawn into a world full of unexpected things, a variety of different magics, and a young character who has a backbone, a sense of honor, and strength.

The writing was easy and fluid allowing me to get immersed in the story. The world is vast and we only get a taste.

Their are hints of a complex political situation which created a civil Blades of Magic is a young adult fantasy. Their are hints of a complex political situation which created a civil war and more going on under the scene between different factions. I try to avoid young adults aka teenagers; because their always seems to be a lot of drama with them.

They come off selfish and immature. That was not the case here with Sara the daughter of a disgraced imperial commander. She is well developed, approachable, and likable. Her methods may not always be agreeable, but she was trained to think in a certain way. We see that the world is against her all because of what happened with her father and so she has learned to keep everyone except her mother at a distances, yet Ezekiel kinda sneaks under her defenses.

I liked Ezekiel he balances Sara out. They make a nice team. I will say the book ends quickly and I wish their was more. The ending felt like ending in the middle of a story or chapter. That is my only issue with Blades of Magic. Other then that I throughly enjoyed the first installment in the Crown Service series and plan on continuing, just to find out what happens next.

Blades of Magic is a light, easy read with a young heroine who is tough and strong in a world that is almost entirely agains her. Rated: 3.

Jack Blades

View all 4 comments. I enjoyed this first book in this series. Looking forward to reading more about Sara, the young battlemage and her friend the archivist, Ezekial. View 1 comment. Jan 02, James Davis rated it did not like it Shelves: bad-truly-awful , bad. This book couldn't decide what its plot was.

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There were about seven plots jammed together in a haphazard, Frankensteinian fashion. The characters were jarring and abrasive, with no redeeming qualities. This was an ignoble beginning to 's reading list. Some basics: if you're going to give your main character superpowers that have severe drawbacks to counter them, introduce them in balanced fashion.

If your main character had a life of wealth and privilege and is suddenly brought low, for the l This book couldn't decide what its plot was. If your main character had a life of wealth and privilege and is suddenly brought low, for the love of Shakespeare, SHOW some of the consequences instead of having the main character think about them in an abstract way. Job hunting and finding a job on the first try doesn't count.

Also, if your main character's employer is sinister and running some sort of mysterious operation, it IS ok to take the plot elsewhere, but you should either wrap it up or do something to hint that it will be back. Imagine if Luke Skywalker escaped the Death Star, but then instead of going to Yavin and joining the last desperate fight he went to a bar and hired on as a circus performer.

This book has that level of plot dissonance. Jan 30, Rachel rated it it was ok. First, the good: There is a sense of a larger world here, with hints at some complexity in the political situation that created the civil war that serves as the story's backdrop. There is an interesting variety of magic more on this later and mentions of an unexpected past that informs the culture that main character Sara lives in. The mediocre: The basic story is of the often-used "special young person sets off on a quest to right family wrongs" variety, with a side of "chosen one who doesn't First, the good: There is a sense of a larger world here, with hints at some complexity in the political situation that created the civil war that serves as the story's backdrop.

The mediocre: The basic story is of the often-used "special young person sets off on a quest to right family wrongs" variety, with a side of "chosen one who doesn't realize how special she is who will save us all! The writing is uneven, with large chunks of exposition that break up the flow of the story and a tendency toward redundancy.

The bad: Sara is difficult to like, and worse, difficult to relate to. She is primarily emotionless except when angry. All of that could be overcome, however, if everything weren't so easy for her. Sure, her life has been tragically ruined by circumstances outside her control, and this spoiled brat is now destitute and shamed for her dead father's sins. Big whoop. There's no tension in this story. At no point is there a sense that Sara is actually in any danger.

Her plans always work, with minimal obstacles. Worst of all, the one instance where it seems like something may be going wrong turns out to be authorial deception.

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Even though this is written from Sara's perspective and the reader often shares her thoughts, there is a section where the author writes about Sara's troubles getting along with her comrades as though she were upset and puzzled by their behavior--only to reveal that Sara herself fabricated all of the incidents. This is bad writing. Rather than making the character sympathetic, it jerks me out of the story with the urge to shake a finger at the author for trying to trick me.

Several other reviews mention the fact that this ends on a cliffhanger. This is true, but the problem is deeper than that. The story does not resolve, along any of the plot threads. There is a sort-of climax again, with very little sense that the protagonist is ever in danger and then it simply ends, with an exhortation to buy the next book if you want to know what happens next. None of the plot questions are answered and nothing in the world changes significantly. There is no character arc; Sara does not grow or change as a person at all. If this had been presented as the first part of a serialized novel, then the ending would make sense.

However it is presented as a novel, and it simply isn't one. This book is incomplete. I find it baffling that this was written by a bestselling author. I can only conclude that her other series must be better, or perhaps that this book was written in haste. I wished this book had taken the time to do some world building before launching into the action, instead concepts were introduced, half explained and then used. Sadly, usually only once, so at one point during the climax, it felt like a string of tropes.

With some good editing and some explanation as to what the geopolitical situation actually is anywhere! As it is, I feel no compunction to continue with the series. May 09, FictionForesight rated it it was ok Shelves: dan-s. Set in the fantasy world of the Algardis Empire, the daughter of a disgraced military leader tries to find out what happened to her father who was executed on the battlefield for a mysterious act of treason. The more the protagonist, Sara, finds out, the more dangerous and mysterious her life becomes.

The Good: The best thing about this book was the magic! Each type of magic was well-developed and so diverse that you never knew what to expect from a mage battle, but you knew it would be good. The only other good element of the story is that the main character was relatable and easy to like. The Bad: Where to begin? Well first and foremost the story had absolutely no resolution! I have reviewed books before like Cold Burn of Magic, that had some resolution, but this book had none.

In fact the story seems to end at the beginning of the rising action. This book felt like a page teaser trailer that left you wanting so much more. If this book did not already have a sequel for it, as a reader, I would be really pissed! Nope, scratch that, still upset!

This guy drove me up a wall! I wanted to like him so much, but one minute he was a clumsy, ignorant, coward, and the next he was skilled, wise, and brave. Now this would not normally bother me if this change happened over time as a result of personal growth. But this was not the case. He did not learn from his experiences and become better as a result. Instead, he would frequently alternate between these two completely polar opposite personalities. Oh and one other point. Once I could forgive, but this was a common occurrence. Overall: Honestly if not for the main character and the magic, I would have given Blades of Magic one star.

This book had the potential to be great…but the elements that I loved so much, just could not carry the bad — i. I wish that I had been reading a first draft, that way I could have sent it back to Terah Edun and had her fix it. Welcome to the beautiful world of Sandrin, a magical place where the most unexpected things happen and where your imagination runs away with you. Her easy and fluid writing style allows you to immerse yourself fully in the story at hand. She creates a remarkable world that is larger than life at times. The mix of magic and humanity completes the picture for this unforgettable tale.

The Welcome to the beautiful world of Sandrin, a magical place where the most unexpected things happen and where your imagination runs away with you. The treasure hunting and mystical artefacts were an added bonus. It added an element of mystery and of history to the entire tale. I love the main character in this novel. She is exceptionally well developed without being overdone.

Her partner in action is equally loveable. The contrast between these two characters is both revealing and inviting. The dialogue in this novel was also quite well done. It was natural and really added to the story. Overall, this was a light, easy read with a kick.

Street Child by Berlie Doherty

It is a must read novel for all lovers of fantasy. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. I have conflicted feelings about this book.

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On the one hand, I think it does some things really well, like changing some tropes that are seen in all YA books. And though I haven't read Throne of Glass, as I understand, it is very similar to it. Here, the strong character that took all the decisions and led the Meh. Here, the strong character that took all the decisions and led the action was Sara, the main protagonist. Her friend Ezekiel was a nerdy and clumsy scholar with no fighting skills and a love for books and apparently strange and misundrestood animals?

He's like a cheap copy of Newt Scammander, but less brave. Though we see Sara and Ezekiel relationship evolve through the book, and how they care about each other, there's no hint of romance beyond their friendship. She was a failed attempt at making a strong, independent female protagonist; she was annoyingly perfect and absurdly conceited. For example: the magic flowed out of her reach with each breathe - The fighting scenes: they were boring repetitions of the same moves.

People kept coming in to try and steal things and Sara would beat their asses and they would go back to guard the things. She lives quietly with her family's shame but when challenged about her family's honor, her opponent inevitably loses. On the night she finds out her father's true last actions, she takes the Mercenary Guilds' vows to serve in the emperor's army. While fighting mages, blackmailing merchants and discovering new friends, Sara comes across something she's never had before - passion. We're immediately dropped into her life as a daughter of a disgraced soldier. Sara was treated as a pariah, where her survival rested on the sword skills her father had taught her.

Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)
Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)
Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)
Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)
Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)
Street Kid (Blades I Book 1) Street Kid (Blades I Book 1)

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