Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed

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Vegetarian Matzo Ball Soup - Martha Stewart

Jewish penicillin. Golden broth. Whatever you call it, a bowl of glistening chicken soup with matzo balls is Jewish comfort food par excellence. But not all soups are created equal. Here are the absolute best places to sit and slurp a bowl of matzo ball soup in New York. Rivington St. Matzo ball soup a dish more commonly associated with pastrami than lox or herring is not an obvious choice for a temple of smoked fish.

The chicken leg-based broth is at once delicate and robust, augmented with tender slivers of celery, carrot, and an abundance of shredded chicken pieces. The softball-sized matzo balls get their buoyant brightness from the seltzer and whipped eggs folded into the batter. A scattering of chopped parsley over the gleaming broth is pretty but superfluous — this soup is already as fresh as it gets. Mile End Deli 97 Hoyt St.

The resulting broth is complex and full-bodied, with a sultry layer of chicken fat that rises to the top, giving the soup a certain rustic decadence. The vegetables swimming in the bowl, meanwhile, are poached separately so they retain a welcome hint of bite. The soup is plenty satisfying all on its own, but the zaftig matzo ball really gilds the lily. When it comes to soupy drama, nothing tops the 2nd Avenue Deli.

Diners are presented with a bowl of carrot medallions, noodles or kasha or rice , and a schmaltz-enriched matzo ball. Fortunately the soup itself — delicate and fragrant — lives up to the tableside theatrics. Nassau Ave.

ISBN 13: 9780965643108

The matzo ball soup at this Greenpoint deli has all the classic flavor of the Passover seder table without the holiday dietary restrictions. To that end, the chopped liver on rye makes a lovely soup companion. The broth is deeply savory with a thin layer of schmaltz slicking the surface. It comes threaded with tender shreds of chicken and vegetables. And the matzo balls are rich and eggy without sacrificing their supple texture. The one drawback is the soup-to-matzo ball ratio: while tasty, the dumpling crowds nearly two-thirds of the serving container.

Washington Ave. The soup is primarily packaged for takeout, but upon request the staff will warm up a bowl for on-site slurping at their sunny communal table. Broadway, nr. Houston St. Underneath the greenery, a jumble of slivered carrots, celery, and plush bites of chicken swim in a gracefully gilded broth. The ample matzo ball is flavorful but on the hearty end of the spectrum — not off-putting, but firmer than most. But for those who prefer to take their comfort food awash in elegance, it is worth the splurge.

Each student will take home a sample of macarons. Barry's next available macaron class, Flawless French Macarons, is on January 4. Details Barry Marcus. Sat, Oct 5 11 am to 2 pm Sold Out. Chef Lou will hand-select the finest ingredients available for an exquisite multi-course chef's tasting that is sure to please the palate, as Glenn expertly pairs each course with wine for a memorable afternoon.

Sat, Oct 5 1 to 4 pm Sold Out. Grab your partner and get in the kitchen with Naam Pruitt to create a tequila sunrise royale, elote Mexican street corn-roasted peppers queso fresco dip with fresh corn chips, campechana shrimp and lobster cocktail with crab and avocado in a spicy tomato sauce, grilled tenderloin fajitas with homemade corn tortillas, arroz verde - fragrant rice cooked with Mexican chiles and tossed with salsa verde, plus tequila lime sorbet. Sat, Oct 5 6 to pm Register. Enjoy a Westfield Road bourbon slush, black pepper biscuits with bacon jam, bourbon-ginger grilled pork tenderloin, grilled potato salad with creamy buttermilk chive dressing, sweet-and-sour braised green beans, plus sour cream apple slab pie.

Details Marianne Moore. Sat, Oct 5 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will create roasted sea bass with smoked tomato butter sauce, pan-seared halibut with wild mushroom butter sauce, grilled ahi tuna with tomato-pepper harissa sauce, and his celebrated grilled salmon with mustard-apple cider jus. Details Jon Lowe. Sun, Oct 6 to 3 pm Register. Apples and apple cider are a sure sign of autumn, and the key ingredient to creating an intoxicating meal with Robin Wheeler.

This hands-on class will make a bourbon-apple-ginger snap cocktail, beet and apple soup, bacon fat cornbread with apple cider jelly, apple and pecan-stuffed pork loin with rum-cider glaze, braised kohlrabi, plus apple cider doughnuts. Details Robin Wheeler. Sun, Oct 6 1 to pm Register. Also, enjoy making sangria, a mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and salted caramel ice cream. Details Dawn Meyer and Larry Meyers. Sun, Oct 6 5 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make steamed buns with char siu pork filling, shrimp and pork spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, steamed pork shu mai with soy-chile dipping sauce, pork and Napa cabbage dumplings with black vinegar, plus Chinese doughnuts rolled in sugar.

Mon, Oct 7 6 to pm Register.

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This hands-on class will make beer cheddar soup with crispy bacon garnish, pretzel bites with spicy mustard, apple cider-braised pork roast, potato dumplings with sage and brown butter, sweet-and-sour red cabbage, plus caramel apple pecan strudel. Mon, Oct 7 to 9 pm Register. Barb Nack is all shook up over the down-home Southern cooking that Elvis loved. Wed, Oct 9 6 to pm Register.

Learn to make ginger-orange truffles with four finishes - cocoa, pistachios, toasted coconut, and espresso, peppermint-chocolate puffs with ganache, millionaire's pecan shortbread topped with thick caramel and ganache, plus a copycat recipe with the flavors of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding cake - lemon and elderflower royal wedding cake.

This class is offered again on October Wed, Oct 9 to 9 pm Sold Out. Work side-by-side with her and learn everything from proofing to kneading and rising techniques, as this hands-on class creates decadent milk bread dinner rolls, oat and toasted walnut bread, plus sweet pretzels. Thu, Oct 10 6 to 9 pm Register. Fill the cupcake stand with caramel apple cupcakes with caramel frosting and candied pecans, cranberry-orange cupcakes with orange cream cheese frosting, snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon Swiss meringue buttercream, plus chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Thu, Oct 10 to 9 pm Register. Fri, Oct 11 10 am to 1 pm Register. This hands-on class will make mint juleps, bourbon-soaked dates with bacon-pecan-goat cheese spinach salad and warm bourbon vinaigrette, mushroom tart topped with bourbon cream, grilled flank steak with mustard-peach-bourbon sauce served with buttermilk biscuits and bourbon-glazed carrots and parsnips, plus bourbon pecan pie with bourbon whipped cream.

Our next bourbon date night class, Bourbon is Whiskey Business, is available on January Details Kitchen Conservatory Chef. Fri, Oct 11 6 to pm Sold Out. Enjoy burrata with peaches and prosciutto on crostini, gnocchi alla Romana - semolina dumplings baked with cheese and butter, balsamic and pomegranate glazed chicken thighs with fig-olive salsa, plus pear and almond crostata.

Details Mickey Kitterman and Jason Main. Fri, Oct 11 to 9 pm Sold Out. This hands-on class will make raviolo - a sumptuous egg yolk-filled pasta, potato gnocchi with amatriciana sauce, whole wheat chitarra pasta with puttanesca sauce, plus squid ink fettuccine with crab and peppers. Details Joshua Galliano. Sat, Oct 12 am to 1 pm Sold Out. Grab a parent and learn how to turn pumpkins into lots of scrumptious treats. The pumpkins will be cut, roasted, and seeded to create pumpkin pancake pigs-in-a-blanket with maple applesauce dip, roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt and cinnamon glaze, mini pumpkin cheesecakes with ginger snap cookie crust, plus a small loaf of pumpkin bread with apples and raisins.

The pumpkin bread may be taken home to share with your family. Sat, Oct 12 12 to pm Register. Sat, Oct 12 to 9 pm Register. Please note the class is BYOM bring your own mat! Then, roll up your mats and head to the stovetop to create a nourishing brunch as this hands-on class makes brie-bacon paninis with apricot preserves and balsamic glaze, apple pie coffee cake with brown sugar crumble and caramel, pomegranate-pear salad with candied walnuts and apple cider vinaigrette, mini citrus scones, spicy hash browns, plus prosecco margaritas. This class is offered again on January 5 with a new brunch menu.

Details Devon Drag. Sun, Oct 13 am to pm Sold Out. As the class discusses the book, they will enjoy a Tom Bullock cocktail, crab-andouille gumbo on rice, fried chicken with macaroni-and-cheese and greens, plus sweet potato pie. Novel Cuisine is a culinary book club for food lovers that read the book in advance and includes novels, memoirs, histories, science and politics -- all with food as a central theme. The books for Novel Cuisine are available at Kitchen Conservatory.

Sun, Oct 13 1 to pm Register. The 6" cakes are already baked, as this hands-on class learns the difference between different buttercreams, how to trim, stack, fill and ice a cake, plus the different types of fondant and how to color it, roll it out, and cover a cake with a smooth finish.

Add your own style with stripes, simple cookie cutter shapes, custom stencils, flowers, "tap-its" for personalization, plus textures. Each student will take home their decorated cake. Details Kelly Wright. Sun, Oct 13 5 to pm Register. Details Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley. Mon, Oct 14 6 to pm Register. Using the freshest fish and other beautiful ingredients, this hands-on class will master the art of rolling and forming a variety of lavish and enticing sushi.

Details Jay Dedkhad. Tue, Oct 15 6 to pm Register. Chef Kirk Warner shares his creative methods for adding crusts and fun toppings to turn beautiful ingredients into extraordinary dishes. This hands-on class will make crushed red lentil-crusted sea scallops with piquant pepper sauce, flaked potato-crusted grouper with lemon-thyme beurre blanc, spiralized potato-wrapped shrimp with coriander mustard, crispy prosciutto-wrapped short ribs with aged balsamic glaze, Kirk's best fried chicken with matzo crust and spiced honey, plus cream of wheat-crusted tomato with garlic scampi.

Details Kirk Warner. Tue, Oct 15 to 9 pm Register. Treat yourself to the pleasures of melt-in-your-mouth apple cider doughnuts with caramel apple cider dip, homemade strawberry jam-filled doughnuts, plus rich chocolate glazed doughnuts. Join bread-maker Margi Kahn to create these delectable yeast-risen doughnuts, as this hands-on class learns techniques for creating great doughs, including proofing yeast, prepping, kneading, and rising. Wed, Oct 16 6 to 9 pm Register. Enjoy a comforting bowl of short rib and farro soup with vegetables and thyme served with goat cheese-rosemary buttermilk biscuits, pasta e fagioli with orecchiette pasta and cannellini beans served with buttery garlic knots, plus milk stout beer chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing and dusted with Valrhona chocolate.

Wed, Oct 16 to 9 pm Register. Thu, Oct 17 10 am to 1 pm Register. Pair two energetic people that have a fierce love for food and coffee, and the results are sensational. Give a hearty welcome to Pete Cohen, the coffee-roasting musician behind Stringbean Coffee, as he joins Marianne Moore in the kitchen to create an evening of culinary magic.

The OU Guide to Passover by OU Kosher - Issuu

Pete will take the class through picking the best bean, brewing the perfect cup, and how to rock the cold brew, as Marianne incorporates coffee into the food starting with spinach salad with Disco Inferno coffee vinaigrette and sweet-and-spicy bacon. Details Marianne Moore and Pete Cohen. Thu, Oct 17 to 9 pm Register. Create brown sugar-brandy pear turnovers with cinnamon ice cream, and paired with a late harvest white wine.

Fri, Oct 18 6 to pm Register. For those who are interested in learning more about how to cook, A Day in the Kitchen offers an in-depth mastery of specific culinary arts.

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These classes are limited to eight people. This hands-on class will teach how to make and bake classic French pastries. Learn how to roll out and fold into many flaky layers homemade buttery puff pastry and croissant dough. These delicious doughs will be baked into pain au chocolat, palmiers, pinwheels, croissants, cheese straws, and other scrumptious desserts.

Sat, Oct 19 11 am to 4 pm Register. Everyone will be saying, "Go, go, go!

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Enjoy cranberry-walnut pie, sweet potato-pecan pie, Shaker lemon pie, and an old-time favorite - Nesselrode pie. Sat, Oct 19 12 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make romaine-apple-red onion salad with gorgonzola and candied pecans topped with whiskey vinaigrette, spice rubbed pork loin roast with a bourbon reduction, succotash with bacon and maple bourbon brown butter, plus flourless chocolate bourbon brownies with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce, and The Big Texan bourbon-grapefruit cocktail. Sat, Oct 19 6 to pm Sold Out. Conquer the art of baking delicious yeast breads in this hands-on class that will cover all kinds of delicious, home-baked breads, including baguettes, rolls, pizza, rye, whole-grain, and sandwich breads.

The class will make natural starters, sponges, crusty breads, and enriched doughs. Plus, learn how to make the amazing no-knead, slow-rise bread. Sun, Oct 20 11 am to 4 pm Sold Out. Bring Mom or Dad, but no frogs are allowed, as chef Jon Lowe and his daughter Savannah share their secrets for an enchanting afternoon creating Elsa's frozen green apple ice drink, Belle's French fries with dipping sauces, Jasmine's magic carpet flatbread, Rapunzel's frying pan pasta, plus Snow White's apple tartlets.

Details Jon and Savannah Lowe. Sun, Oct 20 1 to pm Register. This hands-on class designed for couples will make two paellas - traditional paella Valencia loaded with seafood and chicken and sausage, plus chicken and chorizo paella. The party wouldn't be complete without classic red sangria and queso flan with seasonal fruit. Sun, Oct 20 5 to pm Register. Follow along with Ericka for step-by-step instructions for outlining, flooding, marbling, wet-on-wet, and wet-on-dry techniques to create fabulous cookies, with plenty of time to create your own designs.

Everyone will leave with a stunning array of decorated cookies to impress family, friends, and trick-or-treaters. Details Ericka Lanter. Sun, Oct 20 to 8 pm Register. Enjoy Italian-style shrimp and grits with Italian cheeses and sweet red pepper, arugula salad with chickpeas and hard-cooked eggs topped with pecorino, honey-mustard chicken and apples served with Brussels sprouts and spaetzle dumplings, plus sweet and tart lemon bars. Mon, Oct 21 6 to pm Sold Out.

Spend an unforgettable evening learning how to throw pizza dough from Racanelli's high into the air, and feeling a true sense of accomplishment. This hands-on class will enjoy pizza hot from the oven using a variety of ingredients to celebrate their mastery over the dough. Details Matt Middeke. Mon, Oct 21 to 9 pm Register. We celebrate the life and the birthday of our favorite baker, Marla Scissors, who passed away from ALS and would have been 51 today. In her honor, Margi Kahn will create flaky raspberry-cheese pastries, Italian cheese coffee cake with fresh figs, pistachio and almond paste-filled cookies, plus tahini banana date cake.

Tue, Oct 22 6 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will choose from a variety of proteins, including beef, chicken, pork, and seafood; then prepare a beautiful array of aromatics and vegetables to mix and match, and use the wok to create a quick and delicious meal served with white rice and fried rice. Tue, Oct 22 to 9 pm Register. The buttercream frosting is already made and the six-inch one-layer French vanilla cakes are out of the oven and ready to decorate. This hands-on class will learn how to create a level cake, crumb coat and frost the cake, and finish with a smooth icing.

Using a pastry bag and a variety of tips, learn to create dot and shell borders, polka dots, dot flowers, leaves, rosettes, and simple writing techniques. Details Ericka Frank. Wed, Oct 23 6 to pm Register. Thu, Oct 24 6 to 9 pm Register. Enjoy a delightful evening of food and libations, as Bill pairs Big O ginger cocktails with Marianne's dinner. Enjoy miso-white chocolate-Big O glazed scallops over wilted greens and crunchy rice noodles served with a French 69 ginger-cognac-champagne cocktail, shaved fennel salad with pears and blue cheese paired with Valentino's Matador Big O-Scotch whisky-cherry liqueur cocktail, wild mushroom-stuffed pork tenderloin with Big O cherry compote and goat cheese polenta, burnt honey-glazed shaved Brussels sprouts with toasted walnuts, plus ginger and cocoa nib cannolis served with barrel-aged ginger and gin old-fashioned.

Details Marianne Moore and Bill Foster. Fri, Oct 25 6 to pm Register. Learn to make savory eggplant-feta cheesecake with cherry tomatoes, fall green salad with fresh citrus and dried fruit topped with nuts and olive oil vinaigrette, chestnut soup with cinnamon and brandy garnished with walnuts and dates, slow-braised farm raised quail in tomato sauce served with fluffy kalamata-potato mash, plus karithopita - a popular Greek walnut cake.

Details Maria Sakellariou. Fri, Oct 25 to 9 pm Register. For aspiring chefs, children from ages 7 to Enter the kitchen if you dare and spend a haunting afternoon with frightfully fun Vikki DiMattia to make scary and boo-tiful Halloween treats. This fun hands-on class will make slithering snakes in a cheesy bog, "give a hoot" veggie salad, make-your-own mummified calzones, dark and stormy forest cupcakes topped with spooky trees, plus BOO orange beverages. Details Vikki DiMattia.

Sat, Oct 26 am to pm Register. Plant-based chef and certified health coach Stephanie Bosch showcases the versatility of tofu with a fun and exciting menu. This hands-on class will use tofu in a variety of ways, including crispy baked tofu bites with sweet chile sauce, vegan cream of cauliflower soup with tofu "bacon", caprese tomato and basil salad with tofu "mozzarella" and balsamic drizzle, spicy tofu lasagna with portobello mushrooms, plus dark chocolate silken tofu "cheese" cake with a medjool date-pecan crust. Details Stephanie Bosch.

Sat, Oct 26 12 to pm Register. The evening begins with a one-hour swing dance lesson with dance instructor Tal Stein, then jitterbug into the kitchen to create a delicious meal with Mickey Kitterman, plus a refreshing dizzy gin fizzy cocktail. Learn to prepare pan-seared Lindy hop veal chops with lemon-garlic butter, jumping jive chive and bacon risotto, jazzy broccoli pecorino gratin, Count Basie's basil-tomato Napoleon salad with garlic and balsamic reduction, plus a wowza Boston cream pie. Sat, Oct 26 6 to 9 pm Register. Sat, Oct 26 to 9 pm Register.

This hands-on class will make shrimp and corn chowder with bacon, traditional cioppino, seared scallops with fennel and garlic, cast iron halibut with roasted lemon beurre blanc served with spinach and fingerling potatoes, plus Mediterranean sheet pan salmon with kalamatas and cherry tomatoes. Sun, Oct 27 to 3 pm Register. This hands-on class will make old-fashioned Sunday morning pecan coffee cake with cinnamon-sugar crumb topping, Irish soda bread with orange zest and currants, tomato-goat cheese-basil mini cornbread loaves, fresh peach and blueberry hand pies topped with cinnamon sugar and vanilla glaze, plus profiteroles filled with pistachio-rose water cream dipped in strawberry glaze and garnished with pistachios.

Sun, Oct 27 1 to pm Register. This hands-on class will raise a stein of beer and make blumenkohlsuppe - cream of cauliflower soup, pan-fried pork schnitzel with mushroom-bacon-beer sauce served over spaetzle, schupfnudlen - deep-fried potato dumplings with beer mustard dipping sauce, sauerkraut gratin, plus Bavarian cream with brandied cherries. Sun, Oct 27 5 to pm Register. The cupcakes are out of the oven and ready to decorate, as this hands-on class learns to work with buttercream frosting to create beautiful piped borders, roses, shells and other designs using several different pastry tubes perfect for the season.

Devon will guide the class in using chocolate ganache for dipping and piping applications, and fondant to create a multitude of shapes perfect to personalize cupcakes for any occasion. Students will take home their decorated cupcakes. Mon, Oct 28 6 to pm Register. Mon, Oct 28 to 9 pm Register. Tue, Oct 29 6 to pm Register. This hands-on class will work with the delightful Naam Pruitt to make homemade dough, soup stock, and different fillings with pork, beef, chicken, and shrimp, then steam them in bamboo steamers, along with red bean and custard dessert dumplings.

Tue, Oct 29 to 9 pm Register. Join pie baker Jane Callahan in this hands-on class learning the techniques for making and rolling out pie dough, then the class will make pumpkin praline pie, caramel apple pecan pie, plus pear almond custard pie. Details Jane Callahan. Wed, Oct 30 6 to 9 pm Register.

This hands-on class will make Reuben egg rolls with a trio of mustard sauces, local beer cheese soup with bratwurst bites, spinach-Brussels sprouts salad with smoked bacon and warm bacon-poppy seed dressing, horseradish-encrusted pork medallions with Yukon potatoes and apple bourbon glaze, juniper braised cabbage, plus apple-pear-cranberry tart with cassis caramel sauce. Wed, Oct 30 to 9 pm Register. This class will prepare shrimp and scallop scampi, seared rib-eye steak with rosemary and roasted garlic, baked polenta with gorgonzola, mushrooms and spinach, roasted mixed vegetables, and blackberry gelato with pizzelle cookies.

Thu, Oct 31 6 to pm Register. The evening begins with a one-hour Latin salsa dance lesson with dance instructor Lauren Wilmore, that will spark your appetite for a memorable evening in the kitchen with Mickey Kitterman. Refresh your thirst with a mojito, as this hands-on class prepares fried corn tortilla chips with black bean dip, grilled shrimp quesadillas with smoked tomato salsa, roasted pork tenderloin with papaya-mango salsa and yellow Cuban rice, plus banana cream pie with chocolate crumb crust.

Fri, Nov 1 6 to 9 pm Register.

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  5. Enjoy sparkling pear prosecco, orange and fennel salad with pistachios, cinnamon pecan crusted pork tenderloin oven-roasted served with cranberry-pear compote, gouda-bacon mac-and-cheese with melted leeks, plus apple cider cake doughnuts with bourbon glaze. Fri, Nov 1 to 9 pm Register. Learn to make an exciting seasonal dinner for the everyday vegan with roasted butternut squash risotto with fresh herbs, seasonal kale salad with fennel and Honeycrisp apples, lemony chickpea-radish-lentil salad, curry roasted cauliflower and potatoes, spiced quinoa-kale-vegetable soup, plus pear-cranberry crisp.

    Details Susan Caciano. Sat, Nov 2 am to 1 pm Register. This hands-on class will use the proper techniques for blending the batter and creating perfectly domed and footed sandwich cookies to make cocoa macarons with raspberry sour cream ganache, espresso macarons with cappuccino ganache, green tea macarons with matcha-white chocolate ganache, plus lemon macarons with lemon-star anise ganache.

    Sat, Nov 2 11 am to 2 pm Sold Out. This hands-on class will make seared scallops with bacon risotto, Johnny cakes and marinated shrimp, carbonnade of beef with a gingerbread sauce, roasted rack of pork and smothered greens, plus apple and almond kuchen. Sat, Nov 2 6 to pm Register. Sat, Nov 2 to 9 pm Register. Chef Jon Lowe combines his favorite soups with a touch of beer from 4 Hands Brewery for a winning combination.

    Sun, Nov 3 to 3 pm Register. Spend a fun afternoon with Jess Schmidt making lots of pizza, zucchini parmesan crisps, strawberry lemonade, and apple crumb pie bars for dessert! Learn to make fresh pizza dough, roll it out and create an individual pizza with your favorite toppings, including cheese, veggies, pepperoni, and Italian turkey sausage. Details Jess Schmidt. Sun, Nov 3 1 to 3 pm Register. Sun, Nov 3 5 to pm Register.

    Learn to make Sicilian caponata on bruschetta, spinach and ricotta-stuffed ravioli with walnut sauce, crispy pork Milanese with insalata Treviso, plus limoncello mousse. Mon, Nov 4 6 to pm Register. Join bread baker Naam Pruitt for a hands-on class creating currant babka with homemade raspberry jam, cinnamon apple babka with walnut crumb topping, pumpkin-pecan babka with maple glaze, plus chocolate babka with chocolate streusel topping and a chocolate drizzle.

    Mon, Nov 4 to 9 pm Register. Enjoy Asian spiced carrot and red lentil soup, Asian peanut chicken salad with shredded vegetables and fried won tons, plus coconut tapioca pudding with fresh mango. Tue, Nov 5 10 am to 1 pm Register. This hands-on class will create grilled mahi mahi brochettes with chimichurri sauce, tuna burgers with homemade buns and tamari glaze, roulade of sole with braised tomato chutney, plus panko and nori-crusted fish and crispy lotus root chips with wasabi-ponzu dipping sauce.

    Tue, Nov 5 6 to pm Register. Enjoy root vegetable salad with Green Goddess dressing, garlic quick bread, braised chicken thighs with white cheddar cream sauce, gratin of leeks and wild mushrooms, plus chocolate bread pudding with marshmallow cream. Tue, Nov 5 to 9 pm Register. Details Bob Colosimo. Wed, Nov 6 6 to pm Register. Learn to prepare mushroom thyme pot pies with fennel and pearl onions baked in ramekins with a pastry dough topping, New England lobster pot pie topped with buttery cracker crumbs and parmesan, New Orleans shrimp pot pie in a creamy wine sauce served in a puff pastry bowl, plus broccoli-cheddar-chicken pot pie with a pastry crust.

    Wed, Nov 6 to 9 pm Register. Work side-by-side with Dawn Meyer and make butter and garlic sauce with spinach and preserved lemons, roasted cauliflower-leek-gorgonzola sauce, amatriciana sauce with bacon and tomatoes, classic Alfredo sauce, and asparagus with balsamic butter sauce. Thu, Nov 7 6 to pm Register.

    Finding quick-and-easy ways to prep meals for her family is important, and the Instant Pot is key. Marianne shares tips, tricks and basic recipes that will get you started with using the Instant Pot or any other pressure cooker as she demonstrates making broth, hard boiled eggs, oatmeal with the "pot in pot" method, cooking frozen chicken to make chicken tacos, steamed broccoli, plus a blackberry cobbler. Thu, Nov 7 to 9 pm Register. Fri, Nov 8 6 to pm Register. Spend the day with Kirk Warner perfecting the art of Italian pasta dough.

    This hands-on class will learn to make a variety of fresh noodle shapes, including fettuccine, angel hair, pappardelle, ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti, cannelloni, and cavatelli, plus potato gnocchi and the amazing Venetian-style lasagna. Sat, Nov 9 10 am to 3 pm Register.

    Experience the world of Harry Potter and make magic in the kitchen as Vikki DiMattia helps you prepare delightful dishes described throughout the J. Rowling series, including The Three Broomsticks' butterbeer, ham-and-cheese pasties from the Hogwarts house-elves, Mrs. Before you apparate home, you'll make Aunt Petunia's individual berry-pudding trifles. Sat, Nov 9 11 am to pm Sold Out. Devon Drag has devised an honest-to-goodness dinner that is so exciting and flavorful, no one would guess that it is without grain, gluten, white sugar or dairy!

    Sat, Nov 9 6 to pm Register. For those who have never tried Thai food or want to know how good pad Thai tastes, have a seat at the counter, and enjoy crispy spring rolls with pork filling and sweet plum sauce, chicken coconut soup with lemongrass and galangal, apple and grape salad with cilantro and mint in lime dressing, shrimp pad Thai, plus coconut custard. Sat, Nov 9 to 9 pm Register. Sun, Nov 10 1 to pm Register. Sun, Nov 10 5 to pm Register.

    Whether the in-laws are coming to town, it is the very first Thanksgiving dinner you are preparing all by yourself, or you just need to brush up on your turkey skills, Barb guides the way to stress-free preparation in this hands-on class. From beginning to end, learn to make roasted turkey with fresh herb butter, traditional herb dressing, homemade pan gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted maple sweet potatoes, pancetta-wrapped green bean bundles, and pumpkin pie with maple sugar whipped cream.

    Mon, Nov 11 6 to 9 pm Register. This hands-on class will join Naam Pruitt in the kitchen to make classic soft pretzels with a duo of dips - honey mustard and beer cheese, garlic parmesan pretzel-wrapped hot dogs, cinnamon sugar pretzel bites, plus chocolate filled pretzels with caramel sauce. Mon, Nov 11 to 9 pm Register. Tue, Nov 12 6 to pm Register. This class is offered again on December Tue, Nov 12 to 9 pm Sold Out.

    Wed, Nov 13 6 to pm Register. This hands-on class will make grilled pork belly lettuce wraps, pork and kimchi dumplings, beef bulgogi with rice and spicy cucumber salad, stir-fried sweet potato starch noodles with vegetables, plus chapssal doughnuts with sweet red bean filling. Wed, Nov 13 to 9 pm Register. Helen will share her techniques for creating these cookies, as the class enjoys pryaniki - Russian honey spice cookies with cakey texture and thin white glaze, cuccidati - an Italian short pastry enclosing a black mission fig-raisin-date filling highlighted with citrus zest and finished with rum, plus langues de chat - a classic French cookie for homemade Milano cookies.

    Details Helen Fletcher. Thu, Nov 14 6 to 9 pm Register. Details Caryn Dugan. Thu, Nov 14 to 9 pm Sold Out. The holiday season is upon us with crisp nights and warm kitchens. Sit back and witness the intricate techniques used to create a four-course French dinner. Fri, Nov 15 6 to pm Register. Fri, Nov 15 to 9 pm Register. Sat, Nov 16 11 am to 2 pm Sold Out. Spend a festive afternoon creating guacamole with veggie dippers, mini phyllo tacos with traditional taco fillings, Mexican chicken lasagna with fire-roasted tomatoes and black beans layered with corn and cheese, nacho mac-and-cheese, plus quesadilla chocolate s'mores with Nutella and marshmallows.

    Sat, Nov 16 12 to pm Register. The evening begins with a one-hour tango dance lesson with dance instructor Tal Stein, then waltz into the kitchen with a French 75 champagne-cognac cocktail. This hands-on class joins Barb Nack to create romaine-prosciutto salad with vinaigrette, apple and goat cheese crostini, grilled filet mignon served with white truffle oil, duchess potatoes, plus strawberry tart with pastry cream. Sat, Nov 16 6 to 9 pm Register. Sat, Nov 16 to 9 pm Register.

    Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed
    Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed
    Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed
    Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed
    Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed Matzo Ball Soup - The Balls that Bobbed in the Broth that Bubbe Brewed

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