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The right time is equally important. The last thing you want to do is wake up your customers too early in the morning. Most people see texts moments after their sent, so send it at the moment you want them to see it, not two or three hours before. Finally, send it to the right people. Anything else is illegal and potentially costly to you. These are just 3 of the channels available to you when designing your mobile marketing campaign.

Try experimenting with others as well to see which ones work best for your small business. Call Us! Contrary to what many think, mobile marketing is not a marketing channel, it is its own platform. Tags: mobile advertising , mobile marketing , mobile website , SMS marketing , text message marketing. Previous Post Five good reasons to go mobile.


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Next Post Four basic mobile marketing principles. WicksnCandlesticks at WicksnCandlesticks. Tamrhan abd el hamed , Nuha Elzubair , Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Mobile marketing for dummies v hav 1. He is a prolific writer and speaker on mobile marketing techniques. You want to be sure your business is promoted on mobile devices, and this book gets you going in more ways than one. Discover the opportunities, learn the strategies, and find out how to deliver your message to your prospects, wherever they may be!

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Get More and Do More at Dummies. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Wiley Publishing, Inc. For general information on our other products and services, please contact our Customer Care Department within the U. For technical support, please visit www.

Wiley also publishes its books in a variety of electronic formats. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. About the Authors Michael Becker is the North American managing director for the Mobile Marketing Association and a leader in the mobile marketing industry, assum- ing the roles of industry entrepreneur, volunteer, and academic.

He is also the founder and vice president of strategy at iLoop Mobile, an industry-leading mobile marketing solutions provider. He has authored more than 60 articles on mobile marketing and is an accomplished public speaker on the topic. In his spare time, Michael is pursuing his doctorate on the topic of mobile- enhanced customer managed interactions and vendor relationship manage- ment at Golden Gate University. John Arnold is a leading marketing expert, author, and speaker specializ- ing in marketing advice for small businesses, franchises, associations, and organizations.

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John is also a highly regarded marketing technology trainer who knows how to deliver solid takeaways that people can implement in their business or organi- zation right away. His no-hype and highly practical approach cuts through the clutter as he explains the most useful marketing strategies, technologies, and tactics with clarity, artful simplicity, and meaningful application. To inquire about John being a marketing speaker, trainer, or consultant for your small business, franchise, association, or organization, visit www.

Dedication Michael Becker: I dedicate this book to my family. They keep me focused on what is important. I also dedicate it to all those looking to establish and nur- ture a flourishing, intimate, and integrative relationship through and with the new and exciting medium of mobile. John Arnold: I dedicate this book to the individual entrepreneurs who love the spirit of free enterprise and who live to share their personal passions with their customers and their communities, and to the One who causes all things to work together for good. Their encouragement and support as I pursue my dreams is invaluable to me.

I would also like to thank John Arnold. John is simply amazing. Thanks to the outstanding team at Wiley Publishing, including Steve Hayes, Leah Cameron, and Linda Morris, and to Jennifer Hatherley for filling the role of technical editor for the manuscript. Finally, I send thanks to everyone at iLoop Mobile, the Mobile Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association, the Internet Advertising Bureau, my partners and competitors, and all my colleagues within the mobile market- ing industry. Your encouragement, support, and fellowship contributes to the advancement of this wonderful industry — mobile marketing.

John Arnold would first like to thank my wife and kids for encouraging me while working on multiple projects at a time. You guys are the best family anyone could hope for. Next, I would like to thank Michael Becker for his passion for mobile market- ing and for sharing his knowledge not only in this book, but in the hundreds of speaking engagements, consultations, meetings, articles, whitepapers, text books, and conversations he contributes to annually. Thanks to Matt Wagner for running an ideal literary agency. None of my books would have been possible without his experience and guidance.

Special thanks to the super team of professionals at Wiley Publishing. I would also like to thank Leah Cameron and Linda Morris for editing the manuscript, asking tough questions, and for patiently understanding our definition of the word deadline. Thanks also to our technical editor, Jennifer Hatherley.

Contributing Authors When we started this project, we decided early on that no book about mobile marketing should be written by a single author because too many things are rapidly changing and emerging for one person to know everything. To complete this book, we relied on the contributions of numerous leaders in the marketing industry.

Each of them has shared their unique prospective and personal mobile marketing expertise. The following contributors were instrumental in the development and author- ity of the material in this book. Our thanks and admiration goes out to each of them because they added a great deal of experience and value to the pages by writing and submitting many ideas, examples, and details that we may have otherwise overlooked.

They are listed in alphabetical order. Douglas Busk, executive vice president, mobile strategy and business development, Whoop: Doug holds more than a decade of mobile market- ing and product development expertise. From leading text messaging at Verizon Wireless to advising the Barack Obama presidential campaign on its landmark mobile marketing efforts, if it can be done in wireless, Doug has done it.

He is currently based in Atlanta, where he leads business development and mobile strategy for Whoop www. James has spent the last 10 years in the mobile industry, as both an analyst advising on telecommunications mergers and acquisitions and as an operator launching mobile products and businesses in more than twenty countries. Citron is a graduate of Princeton University.

His Twitter name is jamescitron. Eric Holmen, senior vice president, business development and marketing, The Marketing Arm, Wireless Practice: Eric lost, destroyed, or wore out more mobile phones last year than most of us will ever own. While president of the mobile marketing company SmartReply, he acquired a mobile ad net- work and launched a mobile payment system for retail, while building one of the largest mobile marketing companies in North America. At The Marketing Arm, Eric brings a big vision of mobile as the new reality of multi-channel marketing and advertising for the Fortune set.

He has three unwired kids and an Ironman wife. Gabe Karp, executive vice president and general counsel of ePrize, LLC: Gabe oversees the legal services, fulfillment, and human resources teams at ePrize. He has overseen more than 5, interactive promotional campaigns in 36 countries with no legal challenges. These campaigns include online and mobile-based loyalty programs, prize drawings, instant win games, skill based contests, and so on.

Gabe is a respected authority and frequent speaker and writer on legal issues surrounding interactive promotions, including mobile marketing, user-generated content, social networking, and emerging technologies. Jeannette Kocsis, senior vice president of digital marketing for Harte- Hanks, Inc.

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Today, Jeannette is senior vice president of digital mar- keting for Harte-Hanks, Inc. Working at the Agency Inside Harte-Hanks, she oversees strategy and media across all vertical markets and is responsible for bringing new trends like mobile and social into client strategies. Jeannette is a frequent speaker on mobile and social media, and she is published on a regular basis. At the time of this writing, Jeannette has a variety of mobile devices, including an iPhone, an iTouch, and a Blackberry for work.

Christian Loredo, mobile guru: Christian eats, sleeps, and breathes mobile! He has had experience with both large companies and small, wireless carri- ers and startups. Christian also is passionate about extreme sports and is an expert snowboarder, mountain biker, and is amped about his latest sport, kite-surfing!

Text CML to for his personal contact info. She also serves as the company spokesperson. Mack has more than thirteen years of business-to-business and consumer marketing and communica- tions experience in the entertainment and mobile industries. Mack is a frequent industry speaker, and she was recently named one of the Mobile Women to Watch, by Mobile Marketer. She has also served as an awards judge and as an advisory board member to numerous industry conferences and events. Kerry Nagle, vice president of campaign operations, Millennial Media: Kerry Nagle joined Millennial Media as one of its founding members.

With an extensive background in advertising, including online, remarketing, and performance analysis, she leads the advertiser and publisher-side analytics and process teams.

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Kerry is responsible for delivering a large number of key company priorities including campaign execution, ROI maximization, and inventory monetization. She has been integral in executing first-to-market products, determining the viability of new products and their relevance to the mobile marketplace and advertisers. Driving best practices, Kerry is committed to sustaining innovation through Millennial Media and the mobile advertising industry.

Jeffrey J Russell, mobile product manager: Jeff loves to create and deliver mobile products for the U. Many of these prod- ucts are mature consumer and mobile platform products for large U. Some of the more interesting products have been off-beat. In Cebu, Philippines, he created a three-screen social network product tying a commercial Web site, mobile voting, and television programming together.

Jeff continues to pull life and mobile inspiration from his son, Greyson. For other comments, please contact our Customer Care Department within the U. Contents at a Glance Introduction Table of Contents Introduction Mobile Marketing For Dummiesxii Humanizing your message with voice Government Regulations Introduction Marketers are always looking to make their communications more per- sonal, more targeted, and more relevant.

Mobile is arguably the most personal, targeted, and relevant marketing channel available. Mobile devices provide individuals with almost instant access to friends and family, location-based information, productivity tools, entertainment, and all the benefits of accessing the Internet from almost anywhere. We explain the opportunities and strategies you need to reach mobile consumers and get them to engage. Because your prospects and customers have to opt in for you to deliver mobile messages to them, this book explains how to build a quality mobile opt-in list full of subscribers who reward your mobile marketing efforts.

We also show you how to create great mobile Internet sites, mobile applications, advertising campaigns, and social media interactions. This book also shows you how to take advantage of voice by creating voice campaigns and how to enable your customers to make purchases on their phones through mobile commerce and point-of-sale campaigns.

Mobile marketers are subject to many legal requirements and industry guide- lines, and many mobile marketing campaigns require carrier approval. This book shows you how to adhere to professional standards, follow the rules, and get through the processes involved in setting up your campaigns. Mobile marketing has the ability to provide you with all kinds of great data on your customers and prospects, including their location data, so we include tips and ideas for using mobile tracking reports and analytics to improve your strategy and increase your sales. The best time to start marketing through the mobile channel is today.

Get ready, get set, go for it! About This Book Mobile Marketing For Dummies is written to answer your questions about mobile marketing and to give you tips and ideas for executing the various steps involved in a successful mobile marketing campaign. We include lots of bulleted text with concise descrip- tions and ideas for implementing each topic immediately.

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  • You can use this book like an entire series of books on the subject of mobile marketing. You can scan through the Table of Contents and read about a single topic to refresh your memory or to get a few ideas before beginning a task, or you can read an entire chapter or a series of chapters to gain understanding and gather ideas for executing one or more parts of an entire mobile marketing campaign. Sidebars are included in this book as interesting additional tidbits or to give anecdotal examples of the tips and ideas in the book.

    Part I: Getting Up to Speed on Mobile Marketing Part I explains where mobile marketing fits into a marketing mix and describes the benefits and limitations of mobile devices as marketing tools. We give you insight into the consumer landscape including tips for under- standing laws and industry regulations as well as advice for developing a mobile marketing strategy and choosing partners to help you execute on your plans.

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    • We show you how to obtain a common short code, gain opt-in subscribers to your messaging campaigns, and pro- mote your business with messages. We explain how to set up a variety of campaigns and tips for designing e-mails for mobile screens. Part III also shows you the power of mobile when applied to social media and voice campaigns. We tell you how to use layout and design elements to make your mobile sites effective on mobile devices and we show you how to develop and distribute mobile applications.

      We explain how to make money through mobile advertising and the importance of making your social media content accessible on mobile devices. We explain how to enable monetary transactions through mobile devices such as mobile Internet purchases, point-of-sale scanners, and mobile wallets.

      We also show you how to use mobile marketing analytics to track your cam- paigns and determine whether your strategy is working. Part V: The Part of Tens In Part V, we include two chapters that list ten important bite-sized sum- maries of mobile marketing information. The first list contains ten ways to reach consumers on mobile devices today.

      The second list covers ten mobile marketing resources you should become familiar with so your mobile market- ing can advance and grow, along with new advancements in technology and industry best practices. In addition, we include a Glossary to collect the defi- nitions of mobile marketing terms into one convenient resource. This icon signifies information that you should remember and file away in your brain for later reference.

      This icon signifies important details that might cause your strategy to stumble or come to a halt if left unaddressed. This icon signifies information that is technical in nature. In this part. Almost everything you can do with traditional market- ing can be adapted to work on mobile devices. Mobile device standards and best practices are still emerging and consumer behavior and laws are rap- idly shifting.

      Adapting your marketing for mobile is an ongoing task. Chapter 1 gives you an overview of mobile marketing so that you see the big picture and can identify the possibili- ties of mobile marketing. This chapter also allows you to easily skip to the other parts of this book that deal with topics in more detail. Chapter 2 helps you come up with your mobile marketing strategy and shows you how to estimate your mobile mar- keting reach so you can approach mobile marketing with goal achievement in mind. Chapter 3 covers the laws, industry regulations, and best practices you need to know in order to keep your mobile marketing campaigns compliant and consumer-friendly.

      People around the world are on the go, and nearly everyone has a mobile phone or a mobile device of some kind to help them connect with people, information, and busi- nesses from anywhere. The mobile device is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of our mobilized society. In fact, for many people around the globe, a mobile device has become their primary communication and commerce tool.

      Whenever our world changes, so must the practice of marketing. This book is all about showing you how to embrace this change. We show you how to embrace the emerging practice of mobile marketing and engage your customers through and with the mobile devices they use. In this chapter, we get you started. We provide you with a detailed definition of mobile marketing and review its key elements. And because the mobile device is the cornerstone of any mobile marketing practice, we review in detail the three categories of mobile devices, the networks that enable them, and the eight mobile media paths that are the backbone of mobile marketing.

      In the following sections, and through this entire book, we discuss what these 26 words really mean and how they can be used to engage your customer in a manner that generates meaningful results that are mutually beneficial for both you, your business, your customers, and potential customers — essentially, everyone! In other words, organizations are you and your companies. Mobile marketing works for any type of business.

      The MMA report estimates that mobile media will account for 1. By , the MMA report estimates that total mobile media spending in the U.

      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies
      Mobile Marketing For Dummies Mobile Marketing For Dummies

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