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How We Improved an Industry

Regardless of what field you're in, we've found that the core concept of sales remains the same. Our focus is on providing you and your sales team with best practices that will help take you to the next level. To ensure this happens, we're committed to providing new content on a weekly basis. You'll never find stale, out-dated training videos often found on other Sales training platforms. A message from David Villa When my wife and I first started iPD Agency out of a bedroom in our home back in , we did so with a vision of growth in mind.

Our dream was to build a successful faith-driven business that would allow us to pour into the lives of our employees and clients. Since that day we have built a company culture founded on our faith and it shows in all that we do. All of our training programs have elements of faith-based learning, but we wanted to create a sales training program built entirely on this premise. In the near future, we will be unveiling our new training platform aptly named "Faith-Based Selling".

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It gets straight to the heart of what we're doing. I hope you'll join us when the time comes to launch Faith-Based Selling. Stay tuned for more info! All the best,.

Please fill out the form below to get started. Training Home Solutions Training. That Work. Daily training is time-consuming and a drain on our team. Can you create an automotive training solution that is effective, but condensed into shorter segments? We found this was an easy problem to solve because our training is already designed in this manner.

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Over the years we've found 20 - 30 minutes of training to be the ultimate knowledge retention sweet spot. Anything beyond this and the retention rate will decrease considerably. We don't just need help training our "green peas", but also in helping our top-producers from becoming stale. Can you help with this? We've created courses specifically for new hires to ensure they have a solid foundation to build upon.

In addition to these courses, there is a heavy focus on mindset and growth designed to help your top-producers continue delivering great results, and take things to the next level.

Murphy Auto Sales Training

A younger salesman broke away from the pack and hurried over. It was obvious he had been trained to follow a sales-process checklist. That didn't go well for him--my wife isn't really into divulging personal financial information--so he moved on to "Determine customer needs" and asked what we were looking for in a car.

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Without being rude she has a real knack for a courteous deflection , my wife asked a few questions. He struggled to answer them, probably because he kept trying to reengage his sales process. Then he surprised us: He stopped talking, took a deep breath, and said, "I'm sorry. I really suck at this.

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Wait here, and I'll go get someone who can actually help you. My wife melted--as wives who are businesslike but also caring are wont to do--and said, "We don't need anyone else.

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You're doing fine. They're a blast. Initially, he tried to be a qualifying, relationship-building, features-and-specifications-spewing, commitment-gaining, close-the-deal-and-leave-no-money-on-the-table sales superstar. That approach may work for some people, but in his case it meant giving up his biggest strength: He stopped being a young, enthusiastic, friendly guy who loves cars. If you're naturally introverted, don't try to channel your inner Matthew Lesko.

Where selling is concerned, listening can be even more effective than speaking. If you're perceptive and have decent instincts , don't be afraid to skip the qualification process. In our case, we parked a relatively expensive vehicle in front of a row of is, so any salesperson could safely assume we had the means and the interest.

In fact, the car you drive onto a lot probably says more about your means than any of the answers you provide to qualifying questions.

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Auto Sales Training

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