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Transformers Studio Series 51 Deluxe Dark of the Moon Soundwave Figure

Starscream tasks Lockdown with destroying the controls for the main gate and escaping, all while avoiding Optimus. He succeeds and Starscream tells him to retreat, as Megatron has new orders for him to carry out. The Autobots track the Decepticons to an abandoned base in Siberia, where Wheeljack informs Optimus and his team that Megatron is trying to reactivate his primary objective: Shockwave, who is revealed to be a deadly Cybertronian assassin. Optimus deploys Mirage to take out the Decepticon's communications and Ironhide to take out the shield that is protecting the base's entrance.

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Upon learning of the Autobot's presence, Megatron deploys Soundwave to hold off the Autobots while Megatron reactivates Shockwave. Soundwave ends up battling Mirage, who is being aided with aerial support from Stratosphere. Mirage ends up defeated and flees proclaiming, "You got lucky! It won't happen again! Megatron destroys the coils inside the base to speed up Shockwave's reanimation, which he succeeds in doing.

Upon awakening, Shockwave tells Megatron that his energon levels are depleted, prompting Megatron to hold off the Autobots while Soundwave takes Shockwave to a safe location. After defeating multiple Autobots, Megatron learns that Shockwave's minion, a massive Cybertronian, multi-headed, metallic, worm-like creature called "the Driller" has been awakened.

Megatron tells Starscream to take the Decepticons and leave Siberia and decides to use the Driller to destroy Optimus.

Ironhide confronts Megatron as he is fleeing the base, having defeated Optimus. Against Wheeljack's warnings, Ironhide battles Megatron and defeats him, who admires him for having "a warrior's spirit", and vows that when they meet again, he will crush it to dust. Wheeljack advises Ironhide to retreat and that they'll get Megatron next time, which Ironhide swears to accomplish.

The game, like its predecessor, consists of fighting enemy AIs or other players in multiplayer. It introduces a new feature called "Stealth Force", which consists of even vehicles like Megatron's truck or Bumblebee's Camaro to use weapons while in vehicle form. In both vehicle and robot form, the character has access to two special abilities, which change when the player transforms. For example, Ironhide may have the ability to throw grenades in robot form, and a speed-up ability in vehicle form. There are three classes: Commander, Scout, and Warrior.

Each have their own unique traits. For example, the Warrior might have more powerful attacks, but the Scout is faster, while the Commander might have more health. Jamie Alcroft replaces George Coe as the voice of Wheeljack. Dave Boat voices the Decepticon Constructicon, Mixmaster.

Steven Blum who voiced Starscream in the television series Transformers: Prime reprises his role as Starscream replacing Charlie Adler. Nolan North portrays Major Reynolds. Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. Hugo Weaving did not reprise his role as Megatron , neither did Frank Welker. Travis Willingham voices non-player boss Stratosphere. The original music score for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions of the game was composed by Jeff Broadbent. The game soundtrack released on iTunes and Amazon November 8, The title has received generally mixed reviews, with a score of 59 and 57 for the Xbox and PlayStation 3 versions on Metacritic.

GameZone gave the and PS3 version a 7, stating "Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a perfectly fine, if short, adaptation of the Transformers film. The characters are likable, and the different vehicle types work beautifully. See all reviews. Write a review. Most Helpful Review. Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on reviews. This movie was loaded with action scenes that kept my attention the entire time.

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I was sad to see Sam's first girlfriend replaced with another and some of the language wasn't necessary from the two brother autobots but overall it was good. See more. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews. Walmart associate. TheSpeaker, February 14, Verified purchaser.

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Trip, December 7, Steffania, September 24, See all 41 reviews. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service.

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Minor Plot hole: When Cybertron is slowly teleporting itself right beside Earth, nothing happens to Earth's tides and there is simply no additional gravitational forces of any kind. Minor Plot hole: Sentinel Prime's quote '' The needs of the many out-weights the needs of the few'' makes no sense in the context he is using it. He plans to use 6 billion humans as slave labor in order to answer the needs of a few thousands transformers. Clearly, his plan means that the needs of the few out-weights the needs of the many.

Senile much? Major Plot hole: Sam Witwicky can't find a job even though he saved the World twice. Not only can't he find a job, but no one recognizes him. He would be a major celebrity by now, even if he tried not to be. Major Plot hole: Optimus Prime is sometimes retarded. Let me explain. The Autobots had a plan to return to Earth even though they were launched in space. After Starscream destroys the rocket, everyone assumes all the autobots died. When they all show up in the final act and reveal the ruse, Optimus mentions that it was needed in order to make the humans realize they needed them and also that it would give them an edge in the fight: an element of surprise.

But since they let Bumblebee fly a plane with Sam in order to save Carly, a long time before they even did anything themselves, there was no real element of surprise. All the decepticons were ready once the other Autobots entered the inner city. So basically, Optimus created a plan where they would let thousands of people die in order to get an element of surprise that they did not even use.

Good Job! Major Plot hole: Optimus Prime is sometimes a psychopath.

Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon
Dark of the Moon Dark of the Moon

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