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Beresford himself spends the night not playing a trademark Fogerty Gibson Les Paul guitar. For over a decade, Robert has covered local news and community events. Enter Your E-mail:. Elise Cranny was the indoor NCAA runner-up last year for the Stanford women, but has not been able to find the same success since. Knights similarly missed a large chunk of the cross country season, but has already shown good form with a career-best Brazier will contest the elite section of the Skip to content. The thing is, when we're getting a view inside her head she doesn't seem all that crazy.

I mean yes, she seems crazy, but the logic makes sense in a twisted way. This was the same with Grave Digger; while I knew he was crazy and seriously seriously misguided, I could understand his logic. In a really weird way. And I think the author did an excellent job of this, of providing so many different views and beliefs that are so blatantly deviant yet still making them almost plausible sounding.

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The deaths were brutal as well. I love horror movies, and this satiated that desire.

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It's creepy and psychological and gory and just a touch supernatural. The weird thing was, as much as I knew that Dahlia was off her rocker, I was still rooting for her. Which is insane. Who roots for the killer?

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But I was. Actually this was true for the movie The Purge as well, but that's another story. The only thing that detracted from the story for me were the errors in the text here and there. The most obvious on was "bazaar" instead of "bizarre", but there were other little mistakes spaced throughout. Also, the word "wonderful" is used quite a bit within a span of like 5 pages.

Overall though, an excellent story. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who loves a dark story. Aug 17, Kimberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads. I absolutely loved this novel!

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  8. Moore paints an astoundingly vivid atmosphere of life on the Bayou. Even during the "peaceful moments" the tension continues to build relentlessly--an almost physical force in itself. Our main character, Dahlia--a former special ops soldier--comes home to her deceased grandfather's home in the Bayou, after being betrayed by her Captain, held prisoner in a sadistic Iraqi prision for four years, and then committed to a psychiatric ward with a doctor who tortured her daily--both mentally and physically.

    Finally released, Dahlia is but a broken shell, wanting nothing more than to retreat to the remote swamp location to heal, and be left alone by the outside world.

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    From the very first page, this novel demands your attention, and takes you on a horrifying journey that will impress even the most jaded of horror fans. There are so many layers to this story--the more I uncovered, the more I was compelled to read on. Also, one of the most satisfying endings that I have come across in a long time!

    Highly recommended!

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    I received Eyes on the Bayou by Daniel Moore free in exchange for an honest review. Eyes on the Bayou is the story of a young lady who, after serving with the special forces, was released from prison and returned to the home left to her by her grandfather in Louisiana.

    She befriends some of the locals and everything is going great until ghosts from her past start to reappear. The story line is well developed with several unexpected twists throughout the story. It also has characters that draw you I received Eyes on the Bayou by Daniel Moore free in exchange for an honest review. It also has characters that draw you into the story causing you to want to find out what's going to happen next.

    This was an enjoyable read.

    I look forward to reading Daniel Moore's future works. Aug 16, Ella rated it liked it Shelves: reading-challenge. I received this book for free via a Goodreads giveaway. I've read a lot of books and it's not often that a book manages to surprise me these days but this one did just that. Nothing that I encountered throughout the novel gave me an inkling of how it would end. Some of the descriptions were graphic but necessary. Eyes on the Bayou may not be my all-time favorite book but it was definitely an interesting read.

    I enjoyed reading this book.

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    A good bit of the book kept me guessing on what was going to happen. However, parts of it were easy to figure out what was going to happen next. That is the reason I did not give it 5 stars. I stayed interested in the book the entire time and my daughter is wanting to read it next. Aug 16, Bethan rated it liked it Shelves: kindle. This is not the sort of book I usually go for but I actually enjoyed it.

    It would have four stars but the kindle version had a number of typos and errors that just detracted from the reading. I loved all the characters; they were all really well defined and had their place in the story.

    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou
    Eyes on the Bayou Eyes on the Bayou

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